The shape often indicates the womb in some way, either that or female qualities or sexuality. The womb here suggests the reproductive drive, the unconscious desire for a child or more children, and the possible neglect of those feelings and longings. See Women’s creative power

Sometimes represents egg and all that can come from it, or being circumscribed or limited, or in the throes of time. It can therefore be a symbol of material existence, and time.

An oval shape is often used in arenas suggesting in dreams important events taking place within you that have a mass of you involved in – for we are all a mass of people and animals – or even religious or mystical ceremonies. See Autonomous Complex; Animals in your Brain

Oval stones are also important in dreams. If they are polished or shiny it shows that you have done a lot of inner work on yourself. The stones may represent divine powers.

 Example: I looked in the big collection of clear oval frog eggs and some I just intuitively knew were not ready, even though they were full grown frogs in there. And some may not live but I was ok.

We are all a miraculous expression of Life, and as such our dreams are also expressions of biological life in all its aspects. So I see your dream as a wonderful insight into what you have within you and are so caring for, are your eggs. Of course your dream imagery uses frog eggs, which is the nearest thing you had seen. As your dream so clearly says, some eggs hold a full and whole being in them, and others are not and may not live. That is so true of Life which gives us lots of chances, some of which do not work. But you know deep in you that they are very precious and should be guarded.


Useful Questions and Hints:

How is this oval shape presented in the dream?

Is this related to the symbol of the egg somehow?

Does this suggest material existence, or the quality of time?

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