Although many people say we are no longer an instinctive creature as a human, and the only instinct we have is to hang on to a support and to suckle as a baby, this is obviously not so.

It becomes clear when we realise that we have obvious marks of evolution from animals and reptiles in us as seen in our brain. Basically the brain is separated into two halves, generally called the left and right hemispheres. But it is now understood that our brain developed its sections over the long span of evolutionary history. Because of this it has, within and also separate from the two hemispheres, a number of levels. As our present brain evolved it developed four separate ‘brains’ or levels, each with its own memory, motor and other functions (David J Mahoney, 1991). Each new level, as it developed, elaborated on and extended the function of the preceding levels. So, from the spinal cord the hindbrain and midbrain developed. The first level of brain that developed beyond the spinal cord has been called the Reptilian Brain. After that the mammalian brain came. This is because what we carry within our human brain is still found in reptiles and mammals. See Levels of the Brain

This is very clear to advertisers who play upon our reptile brain especially, using cues of sex and fear to hook our needs. But apart from that we can see that mammals are urged by their need to procreate, they need to be or have a leader, their need to eat in a way that is not rational causing enormous amount of overweight people – and the enormous power of instincts in women and men to find or have a mate. This urge which is often not a part of our rational mind but an instinct causes so much pain through ‘crushes’ and ‘love’. See Beware of LoveAvoid Being Victims

It is often so obvious that as a person we have no real awareness that we are a mammal. As such because we do not understand the animal needs we are often either in conflict with it, do not care for it, or are overwhelmed by it and express it in sick ways. As a society we have many unnatural ways of expressing our sexual needs because they have become twisted. But also we fail to see that as a human we are riding an ancient beast – our body. If we were caring for a horse for instance we would feed it with healthy food, allow it a normal sexual outlet, and exercise it. We would not constantly give it alcohol, allow it to smoke or give it highly refined or factory foods such a white flour, sugar and rice, and carbonated drinks. Recent research has shown that these produce a higher incidence of cancer in humans.

As a baby you were a small vulnerable animal, with all the natural instincts to feed, to survive, and to bond with your mother. This natural and spontaneous part of your nature is the foundation of what you have become now as an adult. See Programmed

 A horse in our dreams is an instinctive power within us, for instance is a dynamic power and a means of locomotion; it carries one away like a surge or instinct. It is subject to panics like all instinctive creatures which lack higher consciousness. But humans also are prone to panic attacks are a often subject to massive fears and anxieties – just like all other mammals. The great difference is that when the threat had gone the horse calms down, but the human can play it over again and again causing havoc within them. See integrateThe power of HabitsMartial Art of the Mind

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