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To dream of a road usually depicts your prevailing direction in, or approach to, life – this direction/approach can be either self created out of your own actions or decisions, or arise out of other peoples or social influence. The road can also suggest things that are entering your life, depending on the dream.

The road or avenue can also indicate the norm in social behaviour, therefore the direction in life taken by many people; you predispositions; any direction you are taking, such as a love affair, a business, a new attitude; your public activities. Entering a road or street suggests you open yourself to new impressions and experiences, whatever they may be.

The size, richness, cleanliness, amount of people, and situation of the road shows how you inwardly see either the direction chosen, or the choices confronting you.

A road can also cut you off from your direction if it crosses your path.

Alley: Limited possibilities or horizons; present limited possibilities will be overcome with effort and initiative. Alley with dead end – Concern about a tight situation that appears to have no way out.

Bend in road: This can depict something new ahead that you couldn’t see until you make the change in direction. It can also suggest that a change in your life direction is ahead. Taking a track to a side road can suggest you are being side tracked or similar to above, or perhaps suggesting you are going off road adventuring.

Black road: This might link with feelings or fears about death or depression. It can, in some cultural symbols, point to difficult or ‘dark’ times – a  period on your life in which you pass through trials.

Crossroad: Change; decision; indecision. See: crossroad.

Cross roads or deciding which road to take: Arthur’s dream in the second example shows cross roads as depicting his many choices. Arthur’s choice involves his attempt to include his wife’s needs.

Cul-de-sac/dead end: Feeling or intuition that your direction will not be rewarding or lead to openings or opportunity.

Detour: A unplanned direction.

Dirt road: A direction of a path that you or others do not use very often – a direction that is not popular enough to be made a proper road, but may be one that you are making in a new personal diretion.

Fork in the road: Something to decide; parting from accustomed way or relationship.

Going out from house into road: How others see you; being in public view.

Going the wrong way up a one way street: Going against prevailing attitudes; defying public opinion.

Known road: Feelings associated with that road; what you have already done; the past; habits.

Lane: Individual direction.

Many roads: Many avenues of experience, many new things or many choices, thus sometimes indecision or confusion.

Motorway: Like any road it indicates your prevailing direction in, or approach to, life – this direction/approach can be either self created out of your own actions or decisions, or arise out of other peoples or social influence.

But a freeway is a major direction and quick route to where you want to go in life – unless of course it is chocked with other vehicles, then it indicates delays in your plans and frustration. For some dreamers it will represent facing more power or threat than they feel relaxed with.

The freeway is a direction in life taken by many others, so can indicate what everyone else does, the norm, or the established. But if you have particular memories of this route and where you use it to get to, then that is important in understanding your dream.

An exit on a freeway/motorway suggests either branching off from a main flow in the direction you were taking in life, or perhaps a nearness to a goal you have been ‘driving’ toward.

If you are on foot and trying to cross the motorway it can suggest a difficulty in the way of your progress, or even danger.

One way road: Rules and regulations that are imposed on you.

Road ahead: The future; aspects of self not yet expressed; new areas of endeavour.

Road behind: The past; what you have already achieved or done.

Road being repaired: Activity to make the way you are going easier. It could also suggest it is difficult to travel in the direction now.

Road under construction: It can suggest si many things such as a rough road ahead, or that there are many obstacles to deal with. You might have to decide on a new direction, so continuing might be difficult. This might be a way for others to use also.

It could be that you will have to develop new ways of doing things, learning a different approach. May imply building new habits, new ideals, new patterns of mind; learning new ways to approach old, and so daring to travel new territory, and so a journey into the unknown.

Running into road: Danger.

Stretch of road: If it is behind you it suggests the ground you have already covered, so your past. If it is ahead it can be what is before you, or what you feel or fear you face ahead.

Unpaved road or track off to one side: Going off the beaten track or being side-tracked.

J. P. feels her life is something she must ‘struggle on’ with, but it is an endless circle of confusion in which she gets nowhere. This illustrates the road as a symbol of ones approach to life. Perhaps it is her fear that creates this sense of life for her.

Example: ‘Janet my wife was cycling beside me. We came to the end of a short road. I said we should turn left, but Janet thought we ought to turn right. We got out into the middle of the road without turning either way.’ Arthur P.

Arthur feels he is unable to get along with his feelings about his wife wanting a different direction.

Example: ‘Walking alone along a road through a small town. I was heading for a place that a group of people, in a street parallel to mine, were also heading for. A person from the group tried to persuade me that the RIGHT way to get to the place was along the street the group was walking. I knew the street did not matter, only the general direction. The person was quite disturbed by my independence. It made him or her feel uncertain to have their leader apparently questioned. I felt uncertain too for a moment. Then I walked on and came to an open stretch of ground.’ Ivor S.

Ivor’s dream shows how roads can represent different sorts of social behaviour. To choose ones individual ‘road’ may be difficult, because others are so sure they know best. Patterns of behaviour such as needing an authority figure to follow, are also here depicted as a road.

Idioms: On the road to recovery; road hog; end of the road; take to the road; middle of the road; the high road to.

Example: ‘My dream is of an eternal journey, that takes a road that turns into a circle or maze that is endless. Behind me is a large fat young man with blond hair. I can’t get along and he catches up with me, I say, ‘We can’t go back we must struggle on’. He takes my wrist. I am trying to hide my fear of him and the pathway, when I wake up.’ J. P.


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-Christina 2011-11-25 1:53:27

The content of your website, including the free dream dictionary online is very much appreciated. Thank you for creating and developing this website for us all who are looking for better understanding of themselves through dreams.


    -Tony Crisp 2011-11-25 10:21:49

    Christina – Thank you so much for you words. It means a great deal to me to know that as I sit day after day it is appreciated.

    Also I have learned so much from doing it, and there is so much more to discover.

    As ever – Tony

    PS – You see, I looked at road again and see it needed upgrading, so added some more to it.


-Xivera 2012-04-28 17:17:04

I have used this site since 2004. I have been interpreting dreams much longer, but when my mind is too muddled, Dreamhawk has been there to help clear the air. This is a great resource for any intuitive or self-knowledge seeker.


    -Tony Crisp 2012-04-29 8:13:54

    Xivera – You have said it in one. That is my aim, to help people to gain insight through there own intuition and self seeking. Thank you.



-Shabana 2012-11-13 11:13:25

I dreamt my cousin was driving car, I was at passenger seat , on a tight road with both sides of plants as we see in country side . Suddenly The road came to an end and my cousin told me that we have to walk from here, so we walked and reached to a place where my dad and rest were waiting for us. Could you please explain what does that means.


-Josie 2013-07-20 19:03:37

I really love your insight. Could you help me with a dream I had two nights ago? I should let you know my son was murdered 6 months ago while on vacation, the person who did this has yet to be found. I believe we are guided through life through our dreams and that the message is always there if we are open enough to receive it. Four days before this happened I woke up screaming and crying in my sleep I heard an audible voice say that he was going to die and I needed to call him. I am haunted by this as I dismissed this as a horrible dream and am ashamed to say I did not call but sent him a face book message of my love for him. Well two nights ago my dream was he was in my car in the passenger seat and I was driving I could see the road and it was normal however up ahead I could see a curve in the road and he was also telling me that there was going to be a curve in the road up ahead. Can you help me discern this dream. I appreciate your time. Thank you


-keenan baxter 2013-12-29 4:58:09

i’m at a loss on this one. I dreamed of a highway that turned into the highway going “upwards” and it turned “sideways”. what this also impacted was immediately started snowing and as a semi truck/trailer was going up and around the curve, it lost control, skidded and ran into the guard rail. it caused the trailer to come off and land on the ground. I guess this type of ramp with the highway going sideways was meaning the traffic was going at super speeds, but in the dream everything was going normal speeds. I’m not sure what it meant, but I wanted to share.


-Badrish Chhabra 2014-02-27 23:43:40

i saw a dream i am driving a car along with my wife in i city where i study 20 years back in 1994 . i know the route but my wife diverted me into diffrent roadway . we are allmost lost driving along with railway line and suddenly there is no road .there is a wall road is under repair .i revres the car into neighbours gate requesting her to guide me the route .she is very old lady and describing me the route


-Badrish Chhabra 2014-02-27 23:48:43

allthough perfect dreem analyser site .like it .thanx for detailed analysis.


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