A roar can occur in a dream from several causes. It can be a roar of anger, of pain or aggression. Once when I was working near a football stadium I heard a sound that made my hair stand on end. It was a roar, a battle cry, from thousands of throats. But animals, and we in dreams, can also roar, not in aggression but in self-acclaim, like a stag bellowing to shout, “I AM.” Or a lion roaring to say, “This is my territory and my pack.”

Often in opening to life and allowing it to express through us – as happens in using LifeStream – it expresses as various animal sounds, or just sounds. Sometimes this is to explore the animal qualities we have, or to make the voice mobile enough for Life to express hidden sides of our self. See Animals in your Brain

Example: I went out to go downstairs. It was a huge staircase. Lounging at one of the landings were four youths. I knew that they were thug’s intent on beating me up. It was too late to run away, so I charged at them uttering a terrible scream like a roar of fear to destroy their morale. The scream woke my wife who woke me.

 Example: I was like Tarzan, walking through a street. Lots of people watched and walked along. They were curious. Then I began to roar like a wild animal and my feelings of ferocity matched the sound. As I walked I caught a couple of people who got too near, and threw them about.

Then I was in a large room. A number of women were in there, stripped to the waist. Most had firm breasts, but one had an inturned nipple. I had the ability to tell their fortunes, due to being intuitive in an animal sense. That is, I could look at them and see them as they were.

Example: I feel like a chimpanzee at the moment. I haven’t got words yet but I want to say something. There is the feeling of being a really physical animal. Being a physical animal is really strong. I can feel all the life in me. Not super strong, but just vibrant. Beautiful feeling. It is a feeling of knowing that I am capable. Capable of being quiet, capable of aggression if needed, capable of sexuality. I’ve got all these aspects to me – the wonderful creature that I am. I have all these instincts to work with. I roar and feel ready to fight and rend anything which might attack me. I am a powerful animal. But is that all I am? Am I just this powerful wonderful beast?

Useful questions and hints:  

What am I roaring at or about?

Can I put into words what the roar expresses?

Do I sometimes feel I am expressing it in everyday life?

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