You may be confronting a time of decision in your life. This may be caused by a convergence of events, different desires or interests, and the need to choose a direction. The crossroads often appears in dreams when there is a turning point in life, a time of change, taking another direction in life. Or it may represent a sense of indecision, a fear of not doing the right thing. Cross-roads often have a certain amount of anxiety or vulnerability involved, as with crossing; Decision; North; East; South; West.

In the past people were sometimes buried at crossroads and in some dreams there may still be this link with death in some way. And in folklore the crossroad was a place where this world linked with the unseen world, so a doorway to the unconscious.

Example: ‘I keep in touch with an old boyfriend who I have not seen since I was eighteen, which is fourteen years ago. In my dream I was on holiday on a coach which stopped at a cross-roads. I met my old boy friend who had come from the other direction and we walked together. I felt enormous pleasure being in his company again. A hearse passed us slowly with a child’s coffin.’ Mrs R.

In trying to decide what direction to take, Mrs R. still finds emotions tie her to the past, but the dead child shows she really knows the relationship has ended.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What are you facing at the moment that is causing indecision or questioning?

If you can’t decide which way to go, ask for a further dream to help clarify what is involved.

Imagine walking in each of the possible directions and see how each direction feels. When you find one that feels right, ask what that direction in your waking life.

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