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Rails Railway Train Station

Several ideas are expressed by railways. Opportunity or choices in life; your life direction if on train – or the direction the events in life are taking you, perhaps your direction of growth. Sometimes the train refers to the direction or events you are involved in with others, a train of events’ in fact.

The rails: The rails themselves represent orthodoxy, the accepted way of going about things, moral values or a direction that is hard to change, and perhaps shared with others. Thus one can say someone has gone off the rails. A communal or generally accepted direction; habitual pathways of thought or action; rigidly fixed to certain attitudes or way of life; inflexibility.

The engine: This depicts the often tremendous energy which takes us through life.

The carriages: Represent the events or influences or things brought about, the train of experiences or events that follow in the wake of our actions; the compartments of your life. A particular compartments or facet of your life. The situation or environment you are in at the moment – perhaps with particular people.

A train or railway station: Depict your efforts or desires to get somewhere, to go on a journey, to find fresh territory, new friendships, opportunities, understanding; to travel to new experiences or parts of self. Self analysis is often symbolised as a journey. Moving toward something new; making a choice or having a choice of directions – directions that may need decision, planning and or choice; changing scenes – i.e. from family to work environment; leaving something behind – a relationship, ones youth; ones ability to change; effort to get somewhere in life or experience something new; parting or meeting, saying farewell or waiting for someone; changes in a relationship or work. The station can also depict the ‘station’ you have reached, or are moving toward in life. So it might therefore be a situation you are in or trying to reach.

Someone preventing us getting to the station or train: Denotes fear or attitudes holding us back in life.

To miss the train: This is like missing the boat, we have missed the opportunity, lost the chance, perhaps realising an end to a relationship, or someone is departing from our life. Maybe a sense of inadequacy; held back by ones own hesitations; hidden desire to avoid change or to make ones individual journey; not connecting with an opportunity or events.

To be run over by a train: Is to be threatened by the things we have set in motion, or by the orthodox ‘on the rails’ beliefs or attitudes of self or others. Thus the train can symbolise success or failure to get on in life.

Leaving someone behind or being left behind: Feelings about loss of spouse; or break-up of relationship; being left; change of some sort; watching someone take a direction or get involved in things that mean parting.

The train journey: The aspect of your journey through life which has connections with other people and has a predetermined end, limiting your individual will, and passing through certain stages; journey into self awareness; can refer to ageing and death – especially where there is a feeling of ‘departing’ or ‘time of departure’; the train of thought or experiences which carry us through life.

The aspect of our journey through life that has connections with other people and has a predetermined end unless you change trains. It is therefore limiting your individual will, and passing through certain stages. It may show a journey into self awareness. And because you are being pulled along by a power other than your own efforts, it can refer to ageing and death – especially where there is a feeling of ‘departing’ or ‘time of departure’; the train of thought or experiences that carry us through life. But it refers in general to your movement through life as time passes. Passing through certain stages; journey into self awareness; can refer to ageing and death – especially where there is a feeling of ‘departing’ or ‘time of departure’; the train of thought or experiences which carry us through life.

The journey might be one you remember making in the past, or meeting someone from a previous journey. These can both refer to influences in your present life from prior to your birth.

Idioms: Go off the rails; lose track of something; make tracks for; on somebody’s track.



-Jules 2011-11-28 1:49:06

I dreamt that I was a train, not on a train, but that I was the physical train zooming along at high speeds and hearing the loud whistles of the train inside my body.


    -Tony Crisp 2012-01-04 11:15:31

    Jules – This is an excellent example of the fact that every dream image is an expression of us – the dreamer. The train seems to express that you are going places fast; a real go getter. But remember that as the train you are on tracks, and cannot go anywhere the tracks – a communal or generally accepted direction; habitual pathways of thought or action; rigidly fixed to certain attitudes or way of life; inflexibility – do not allow.



      -Jules 2012-01-15 7:08:01

      Thanks for that interpretation Tony, by nature I am a very rigid person, even archaic in my mindset at times, and can get quite stubborn (inflexible); also one who enjoys long periods of solitudes, much like the train that travels on it’s long journeys all alone. Who knew I was most like a train..lol. Thanks for the insight, much appreciated.


        -Tony Crisp 2012-01-15 10:15:18

        Jules – Thanks for that.

        I am sometimes like that. When I decide on a direction it takes a while to grab that handle that pulls the change to a different track.



-CHIRAG 2012-03-12 9:14:17

I had a dream that i was travelling on a train.
And as the journey goes on the train stops at a station (as usual in Real world whenever a station comes the train stops)
And I get down to buy something or i get down to see that which station has arrived.
But as soon as I get down , the train starts running at a high speed.
I run to catch the train but it is running faster than me and I am unable to catch it.
And the train departs from the station leaving me behind. on the station.
I had this dream 5 to 6 six times since last few months.
Everytime a different train everytime a differnt station.
But one thing that happens all the time is that I get down to see which station has arrived and train starts running , I run to catch it, and after all its all in vain.
And I am left behind.


    -Tony Crisp 2012-03-14 14:05:53

    Chirag – Travelling on a train is usually about knowing where you are going. A train cannot change direction because it is on rails that are fixed.

    I tried running this dream in my imagination, and I could feel the frustration of the train going. But then I played it by remaining on the train and that led to unrest. You see, the train journey is something you take in company with others. Like bus ride you are on a communal journey, and I wonder if you are not satisfied with doing the same thing.

    Is your dream showing you another direction in life? Try it yourself by getting on the train or staying on it in imagination and see how it feels. The try it with the train leaving you behind and see where you will go then and how that feels.



-Lisa M 2012-03-15 13:53:58

This description completely explains what I am going through in my life at the very same moment I am heaving this dream….thank you for making it so clear to understand


    -Tony Crisp 2012-03-18 13:00:06

    Thank you too Lisa for taking the time to think about it and also commenting.



-Debbe 2012-03-25 16:20:58

Hi Tony

This is very helpful. I’ve dreamt a couple of times of being at a railway station. I just can’t seem to find the train I need to get to my destination. I’ll walk up and down stairs, follow signs but wherever I end up the train I need is not running from that platform. I will ask people directions, stop at ticket offices but no luck. I don’t feel hurried or exasperated, I just wander off in a different direction.


    -Tony Crisp 2012-04-01 10:03:52

    Debbe – The dream seems to be about not being in the right place at the right time – about not getting it right.

    I suggest that you rewrite the dream in your imagination. Go back into your dream and see if yo8u can imagine being on the right platform and the train is there. Does it feel good or are you still not feeling right about it? It is important for you to find out.



      -Debbe 2012-04-25 19:58:07

      Thank you Tony, I will try just that.


-Phuong 2012-06-18 20:52:51

I have continuously been dreaming of being on my way to the airport to catch my flight. Somehow, I always ended up in a crowded railway station – nice and modern, each time different one. In the end, I got lost and missed my connecting train to the airport or got stuck in line and missed my flight. These kind of dreams have appeared in the last couple of weeks. I do not understand the meaning of them even though I know that it is kind of a sign to tell me something.


-Lee 2012-07-23 3:53:36

I had a dream twice in one night: that I was rushing to get to a train. Got on it, but left my kids (10 &2) on the platform. Came back little one was gone (some lady had her) big one was like whatever you know she doesn’t listen. Got my kids back in the dream but what the heck could that mean?


-jewelz 2012-09-17 8:23:20

Hi Tony
Lastnight i dreamt i left my newborn in the pram in the train, and when i ran back towards the train, the doors shut and train left. I hopped on another train going the same direction hoping to find my babys train. While im on the train, theres a police woman and another woman listening to me explain whats just happened but i had cried so much no more tears would come out. I can still feel the pain of loss as im writing this. I started looking out the window only to realise, my train wasnt stopping. It would go past a station and continued to go past the same exact station. The station sign was a 5 or 6 letter word starting with an ‘S’ strath? Sturt? Strat? Im certain it had an ‘S’, T, R, T but not sure if the other letter was an A or U? Anyway that was my dream and i cant stop trying to put the letters together to this puzzling dream.


-Cindy 2012-12-28 16:32:54

I had a dream last night where I was on a train and when it’s my stop, i could get out. The door was open but I just couldn’t get out of the train that I missed my stop.


-Akaya 2013-03-11 17:33:54

Hi, I had a dream last night that I can’t stop thinking about can you help me to analyze. This is the part I can remember; I am on a train and there is an announcement the train is being held up for 24 hours, it passes the station and goes down an unknown route. On arrival everyone is forced outside and shot dead. I am still alive just and a lamb saves my life by coming over and licking the blood from my mouth and helping me to escape. Then I have to find a disguise so the killers don’t recognize me…this is as much as I remember, but woke up scared to go back to sleep. Please help, what is the dream trying to tell me? I am going through a difficult time and it could refer to a number of things. If you need more info let me know. This would be greatly appreciated. Peace


-Caroline 2013-04-29 14:23:58

Could you help me understand why I have had a few dreams now where I can only crawl or roll over train tracks? I cannot actually walk over them, but I have to go over them slowly, fearing the impending train down the tracks.


-Fran 2013-08-29 13:23:15

I had a dream that I was riding a train but there were no tracks. Then we got on tracks as the train turned and I told the conductor that we were going in the wrong direction and he tried to turn the train around.


-Patience 2013-09-26 1:22:46

Last night I dreamt I was in my sisters car.With my sister and her partner. He doesn’t drive but he was in the drivers seat driving the car. I was was sitting at the back it was just the three of us. We were heading around a round about heading left. We were moving rather fast. As we were indicating to go left out of no where this fast moving train appears. On the outside lane, With no time to react. I thought we are definetly goners. Waiting for the massive collision and our lives to end. Miraculously the passenger doors of the train open and I fly through. Some how i end up on the other side of the train land straight on my feet unscathed. That was quite and exhilirating dream then I awake. And cant get back to sleep. Seconds after waking the text message sound on my phone goes off indicating the batterys flat. I didnt go back to sleep after that.


-Rajat 2014-02-06 3:09:21


I saw that I was at a big central station, I was looking for a chart to check my tickets confirmation, but I couldn’t find it, then I found a ticket checker, I approached him and started talking with him, he was very friendly and very well dressed, he had a symbol of two knifes crossing each other on his back which was made of some polished white metal, he was wearing white dress and white cap, generally in india ticket checkers don’t wear caps, we started moving towards train and chit chatting, all the time I was just praising his uniform and suddenly I woke up. the platform was very neat and the train was also very neat like a new train. can you tell me what does it mean?


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