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Rails Railway Train Station

Opportunity or choices in life; your life direction if on train – or the direction the events in life are taking you, perhaps your direction of growth. Sometimes the train refers to the direction or events you are involved in with others, a train of events’ in fact.

Carriages: A particular compartments or facet of your life. The situation or environment you are in at the moment – perhaps with particular people.

Leaving someone behind or being left behind: Feelings about loss of spouse; or break-up of relationship; being left; change of some sort; watching someone take a direction or get involved in things that mean parting.

Lines or tracks: The rails themselves represent orthodoxy, the accepted way of going about things, moral values or a direction that is hard to change, and perhaps shared with others. Thus one can say someone has gone off the rails. A communal or generally accepted direction; habitual pathways of thought or action; rigidly fixed to certain attitudes or way of life; inflexibility.

Missing the train: feeling left out of opportunity; sense of inadequacy; held back by one’s own hesitations; hidden desire to avoid change or to make one’s individual journey; not connecting with an opportunity or events.

Railroad crossing: A need for awareness and observation in case of danger. Possible block to progress. Conflict between your personal direction — the car – and the prescribed direction of the train.

Railway station: Moving toward something new; making a choice or having a choice of directions – directions that may need decision, planning and or choice; changing scenes – i.e. from family to work environment; leaving something behind – a relationship, one’s youth; one’s ability to change; effort to get somewhere in life or experience something new; parting or meeting, saying farewell or waiting for someone; changes in a relationship or work. The station can also depict the ‘station’ you have reached, or are moving toward in life. So it might therefore be a situation you are in or trying to reach.

The train journey: The aspect of our journey through life that has connections with other people and has a predetermined end unless you change trains. It is therefore limiting your individual will, and passing through certain stages. It may show a journey into self-awareness. And because you are being pulled along by a power other than your own efforts, it can refer to ageing and death – especially where there is a feeling of ‘departing’ or ‘time of departure’; the train of thought or experiences that carry us through life. But it refers in general to your movement through life as time passes.

The journey might be one you remember making in the past, or meeting someone from a previous journey. These can both refer to influences in your present life from prior to your birth.

Ticket: See ticket

Train engine: The energy that takes us through life; libido.

 Example: I lived in a village/town at the foot of a huge mountain. I felt desperate and that I had to do something – I must climb the mountains straight away. I ran away from home, family, to straightaway start to climb the mountain. The beginning of the journey was on a train. Although it had been night and raining, now it was light and blue sky. As the train slowly climbed the mountain, I looked out on the scenery behind us. There were strange rock formations, mountain valleys, lovely vistas, so beautiful I wept openly at the beauty. Others in the carriage noticed how moved I was.

Idioms: Go off the rails; lose track of something; make tracks for; on somebody’s track. See: airport; ticket.

Useful Questions and Hints:

If I was on a train, where was I going?

Did anything important happen on the train?

Did you or did you not have a ticket?

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-Kay 2016-09-20 10:00:49

I dreamt I was at a train station & I was trying to work out my journey, looking at my notes, but I was getting all confused. The train was coming in 2mins but I wasn’t sure if it was the right train. I panicked & tried working out my journey again while getting up to get on the train. The conductor told me to wait. He said work out where you’re going first. I was resistant, “but the train is coming”. He said there will be another train. I feel like I am being told to slow down & it is ok to just rest at the moment & deal with my emotions & get everything straight in my head. I have been through 5 bereavements in 3yrs having recently lost my dad & a much loved pet. I have M.E. but have been doing too much socialising to take my mind off things, however my body is suffering & I have now crashed. I believe I do need to slow down. Maybe it’s ok to not move forward right now, just deal with the present, all the thoughts & emotions & confusion.


    -Tony Crisp 2016-09-21 12:25:31

    Kay – I think your idea of what you face is correct. Your dream says that you need to clearly have a goal in mind – perhaps it should be to become healthy in mind and body. There is also tension about sorting something out in time.

    I can only offer things I know have worked to slow you down and clear the emotional things disrupting your life. There are things that need personal effort and are quite different in their effect than a doctor’s prescription.

    The first in the slow breath – http://dreamhawk.com/body-and-mind/the-slow-breath/

    The second is allowing the healing life force – http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/opening-to-life/



      -Kay 2016-09-22 12:38:01

      Thank you Tony, that’s really helpful. Yes it makes sense what you say: I have felt the time constraints of having to sort my grandparents house out before we get hit with inheritance tax next month. Also, as I am getting some inheritance money I have felt rushed to find a place to buy (log cabin & land is the plan) before my rental contract is up in January, especially as we’re struggling with the rent every month-however deep down I know we need to take the time to make sure the place we move to is right for us & not rush into it. There has also been the opportunity of some land for sale which is probably a bit too far for us but I have worried we’ll lose out if we don’t take it. However, as the conductor in the dream says ‘there will be another train’, there will be more opportunities I’m sure. Thanks so much for the links-I will check them out. I’ve been meaning to get bac into meditation & mindfulness etc.


-Eve 2016-10-03 5:37:22

I dreamt off a train that was going in the opposite direction as me. The train had 2-3 engines, one of them was a gold and gold old style steam train engine. The train was light blue except for the white engine. I had to wait for the train to go past before I could cross the tracks


-Shashwat 2016-10-18 11:58:30

Hey.. I dreamt that im reading a book at a station, and then I see people coming over to a book shop and asking for poker cards. Hearing that I start rushing towards my train which is already lraving but I am able to catch it. The next inage is night and when I look out the window I see three people where teo are figthing and one is telling the other to hit the third person in his head. The next moment the person starts his bike and starts chasing my train, and I just hide in the corner of the train, hooing to not be spotted. They dont catch me, and I get up. Also while I was at the train station I rememeber seeing other people I know or looking familiar at the very station. What does all this mran buddy ??


    -Tony Crisp 2016-10-19 9:42:21

    Shashwat – Dreams tend to be an action mirror of what you feel within you. And your dream describe a very active or even overactive thought and emotional life. What are you hiding from inside you?

    The train is the journey you are on in relationship with others, but it doesn’t give you much opportunity to go your own direction.

    Maybe it would be good to use http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/secrets-power-dreaming/



-Sandra 2016-10-19 0:22:51

I dreamt that I was traveling on a train and suddenly the train passed through a residential area where I saw a house burning down and soon I saw the fire spreading to all the houses. The fire didn’t reach the train but I and everyone on the train were scared and worried about those people, though nobody offered any help as no one was in the position to do so. After crossing that part the train passed through some sort of a weird track where trees were planted too close and we got hit by the trees. After this I thankfully woke up. It was a disturbing dream.


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