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Rails Railway Train Station

Opportunity or choices in life; your life direction if on train – or the direction the events in life are taking you, perhaps your direction of growth. Sometimes the train refers to the direction or events you are involved in with others, a train of events’ in fact.

Carriages: A particular compartments or facet of your life. The situation or environment you are in at the moment – perhaps with particular people.

Leaving someone behind or being left behind: Feelings about loss of spouse; or break-up of relationship; being left; change of some sort; watching someone take a direction or get involved in things that mean parting.

Lines or tracks: The rails themselves represent orthodoxy, the accepted way of going about things, moral values or a direction that is hard to change, and perhaps shared with others. Thus one can say someone has gone off the rails. A communal or generally accepted direction; habitual pathways of thought or action; rigidly fixed to certain attitudes or way of life; inflexibility.

Missing the train: feeling left out of opportunity; sense of inadequacy; held back by one’s own hesitations; hidden desire to avoid change or to make one’s individual journey; not connecting with an opportunity or events.

Railroad crossing: A need for awareness and observation in case of danger. Possible block to progress. Conflict between your personal direction — the car – and the prescribed direction of the train.

Railway station: Moving toward something new; making a choice or having a choice of directions – directions that may need decision, planning and or choice; changing scenes – i.e. from family to work environment; leaving something behind – a relationship, one’s youth; one’s ability to change; effort to get somewhere in life or experience something new; parting or meeting, saying farewell or waiting for someone; changes in a relationship or work. The station can also depict the ‘station’ you have reached, or are moving toward in life. So it might therefore be a situation you are in or trying to reach.

The train journey: The aspect of our journey through life that has connections with other people and has a predetermined end unless you change trains. It is therefore limiting your individual will, and passing through certain stages. It may show a journey into self-awareness. And because you are being pulled along by a power other than your own efforts, it can refer to ageing and death – especially where there is a feeling of ‘departing’ or ‘time of departure’; the train of thought or experiences that carry us through life. But it refers in general to your movement through life as time passes.

The journey might be one you remember making in the past, or meeting someone from a previous journey. These can both refer to influences in your present life from prior to your birth.

Ticket: See ticket

Train engine: The energy that takes us through life; libido.

 Example: I lived in a village/town at the foot of a huge mountain. I felt desperate and that I had to do something – I must climb the mountains straight away. I ran away from home, family, to straightaway start to climb the mountain. The beginning of the journey was on a train. Although it had been night and raining, now it was light and blue sky. As the train slowly climbed the mountain, I looked out on the scenery behind us. There were strange rock formations, mountain valleys, lovely vistas, so beautiful I wept openly at the beauty. Others in the carriage noticed how moved I was.

Idioms: Go off the rails; lose track of something; make tracks for; on somebody’s track. See: airport; ticket.

Useful Questions and Hints:

If I was on a train, where was I going?

Did anything important happen on the train?

Did you or did you not have a ticket?

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-amy 2016-02-14 17:15:53

i had two dreams i was on a train today. the first time, i was on a very long train journey – the scenery was beautiful and the sky was bright blue, but the sun being out made me feel claustrophobic and warm, and i was stuck on this crowded train overnight.

the second dream was like an episode of something, and i was a boy following his friends onto a train, which then set off before i could get off of it – whereupon they told me they were going to be on the train overnight. another friend told me they were investigating some accident that happened with the train, and i freaked out about the likelihood of another accident. but a few metres into the journey, the train stopped, and we couldn’t get off. there were stop buttons like on a bus that i could press, but i either didn’t press them or they wouldn’t let me off


-Mimi 2016-03-18 17:59:58

Dreamt my husband, daughter and I were on a long distance train. Train stops and my husband and I and daughter were all supposed to get off however my daughter, who is lugging a big heavy suitcase doesn’t make it in time and the doors slam shut. I feel angry and frustrated that she is on her own on a train continuing without us. I imagine her crying and alone and there’s no way to reach her. I then see myself carrying a random 6 month old baby as we walk away. My husband says it’s ok we’ll catch up and is resigned to the situation however I’m so upset and frustrated it will be hours before we can reach her.


-siddharth 2016-03-29 8:36:08

dear sir,
i constantly see different kind of railway stations in my dream, i am always in a hurry to catch a train either with my mother or wife or both, but never i saw any other person accompanying with me, last night i saw a dream where i had a fight with my mother and we were going to catch a train from unknown railway station to some place and from there after 4 hours i was to catch another train, but after the argument i left the platform and went somewhere, when i returned, i saw my train leaving the platform, i ran as fast as i could, the platform was very long, but i missed the train, i was surprised to see that my mother dint board the train, as she said that the she read the ticket again and realized that the connecting train was 17 hours apart from our station where we were to alight, so what would she do for such a long time, she said she might have to book a hotel in the city and that would be a tedious affair, later she said that instead we should look for another train 8 hours after this missed train, the dream abruptly stopped there


-siddharth 2016-03-29 8:38:00

dear Mam,
i see a railyway station of India constantly in my dreams, it is a blue colored railway station (blue ambience),
in a dream, few days back, i saw the same railway station, i was with my mother and wife, we just missed a train somewhere, and i and my mother and wife were discussing the same, and made sure we dont miss this train,
but somehow we missed that train as well, but then few hours after there was an announcement that there was another train leaving from the same platform, and atlast we got that train, we all were very happy. the dream adburbtly ended there.

i then googled Indian railway station pictures, there were many, it took 20 days for me to conclude that the railway station i saw in a dream was Bharuch, which is some 525 kms away from my ancesteral place (Bhuj) and 1302 km from the place where i am working now (Bangaluru)
i dont have any connection with Bharuch, neither my family, but my grandmother used to visit a Gayatri temple there 20 years ago, when all our family used to stay in Mumbai
what does it mean???


-Sue 2016-04-01 2:47:59

I pushing a shopping cart full of stuff upward almost like ramp highway then I find myself in rush hour commute in busy and hustle train station with strangers trying to a catch the correct train home.
Then all sudden security men will let go thru because of wrong identification and then I pleasantly see my husband thru the other commute crowd going home and he notices that I am having difficult time passing the security so I see backing off and goes some where and waits for me so we can go togather. Then security clears me and I get on platform without my husband . all sudden I see my 15year son glued to his IPhone and I firmly ask my son to text dad right away and let him I was clear so come back down and meet at train platform.


-Liv-please reply 2016-04-26 2:18:56

So I’m 15 and I had this dream once about how I followed my old boy friend (15) onto a train and when we got on there were all these bunk beds with kids on them which made me feel uncomfortable at the time, my boyfriend and I decided to lay in a bed and we eventually fell asleep when we woke all the kids were gone and we moved forward to a new carriage full of my old friends I had in early highschool and primary. We spent another night with them and when we woke up they were gone aswell, as we kept moving forward in the train we met these new people I didn’t yet know but I was still with my boyfriend the next carriage was the end of the train? And we weren’t on rails we were riding on the ocean we travelled around the ocean for years it seemed on the train and then one morning we woke up and we were back at our home station we got off Nd everyone had asked where we’d been they said we went missing for 3 years without any explanation we told them about it.. My dream memories trailed off then and I can’t remember the rest but the next day I saw alot if the people i didnt know in the dream and realised they were combinations of my current friends but I just really wan to know what the train on the water means if anything :)


    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-05-02 9:16:25

    Dear Liv – I see your “train riding on the ocean” as a symbol for your imagination that you use to explore your feelings and the content of your unconscious mind.
    Riding on the ocean also reflects that the process of physical and psychological growth is directed by a drive that lies outside your “sense of self”; you do not choose for it consciously.
    See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/sea/
    Your unconscious mind you can see as an area of yourself that for one reason or another you could not see yet before.
    So you make an inner journey that moves you from early childhood into the person you have become.
    Your dream journey made you aware of something important; “the next day I saw a lot if the people I didn’t know in the dream and realised they were combinations of my current friends.”
    When you spent time with friends you often absorb things from the person or event. You might take in such things unconsciously as you did many things from parents and from the culture you were raised in.
    In your dream you become aware that whatever you absorb – whatever you allow to enter your inner world of thoughts and feelings – you then re-organize in a way that fits you.
    It is like taking in food and then digesting it; parts of the food are used to become a part of your living being and parts you transform or let go.
    Your dream reflects that with the help of your old boyfriend, you started this journey into adolescence, which is also like creating a new identity.
    What your dream friends perceive in your dream as “you went missing for three years” may reflect the time you needed – with the help of your other friends too – for your transformation process into a “new you”.
    It is a beautiful dream Liz that symbolises your growth process and returning to your home station reflects that you have completed this cycle; http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/individuation/
    “And the end of all our exploring
    will be to arrive where we started
    And know the place for the first time.”
    –T. S. Eliot
    Perhaps also see http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/teenage-girl%E2%80%99s-love-dreams/
    Anna :-)


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