Without neatly defined morals, philosophy, or social sense etc.

 The first example however describes a very different situation. It shows an enormous increase in his life energy, also the increase led him to be with a woman and stimulated his sexual desires. It may have arisen because he was no longer locked into having to conform.

 Example: I was an elderly tramp, dressed rather raggedly. Much of the dream is forgotten, but I remember that the sun began to go into supernova, getting brighter and brighter. I realised that everything would be burnt, and sought shelter in a nearby barn. As the sun got brighter and brighter it shone in through every chink in roof and walls and I saw that it was no protection at all. I walked out, but the sun seemed normal although everybody else except one woman had been destroyed and there was no sign of them. I walked off with the woman – somebody else’s wife – and started to hold her from behind.

 Example: I came to a spot where a train had crashed years before. It must have plunged into the ravine, and rails and parts of the train were embedded in the rock and earth. From here I could see that a road ran nearby. I climbed up onto the road, hoping to hitchhike, but I was too ragged. At least, I got no lifts.

 The dreamer, Frank, said that he had jumped off a train to escape a woman he had become a sexual slave to. He carries on and describes his mental condition as, “I knew that a great change had overtaken me during my imprisonment to the girl. I had lost all the previous regard for myself. I really inwardly now felt like a down and out, without any pride or respect for myself. I was not criminally moved, simply empty of all normal human self-regard.”

Useful Questions and Hints:


Were you the ragged person or were you an observer?

What do you associate with being ragged?

Did you notice any feelings or emotions in the dream?

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