Inner Life

I used to think I was like a ‘brick shit house’, without feelings. Then, out of desperation because of the misery I was leaving in my choldren, I found the key to an amazing door. The door was opened partly through dreams, and largely by learning to be nothing and letting Life show me the way. What I found, what I have called the Inner Life, was like ‘What happened in Mexico. It picked me up and shook me. It threw me on the ground and made love to me. Then it left me alone and I cried like a child.’ It was everything, always new, always unexpected and wonderful.

Your Weird and Wonderful Mind

What would you do if you had a squiggy grey jelly in a round container about the size of a football? You could of course scare your friends with it by getting them to touch […]...More

Miracle Man From Virginia Beach

Edgar Cayce Here is a massive collection of wisdom taken from the greatest of modern day Seers. There is everything here from after death experiences to prophecies of the future. Because it is so vast […]...More

Journeying Beyond Dreams and Death

I was born – prematurely in 1937 before antibiotics and child care – so I was weak and dying. Because my systems were not developed to breathe or digest properly, I existed between life and […]...More

Since I’ve Learnt To Die

Since I’ve learnt to die, living has become a different experience. This new experience of being alive was made clearer when my father fell on his garden path and never got up again. I had been shopping […]...More

Love Irradiates The Universe

Tony: The passions of my early life — I suppose that’s what were — led me in the past to read an enormous amount of books. But gradually over the years certain things have happened […]...More

Yield – References

Yield – Tony Crisp References   Chapter One. “Intimations Immortality.’ by William Wordsworth “Buddy Can You Spare a Dime” by Harberg/Gorney (CBS Records). 3. St. Matthew 26.74 4. The Bird Of Paradise by R. D. […]...More

Yield – Chapter Eight

The symbolism of the New Testament Yield – Chapter Eight Tony Crisp Into Everlasting Life   Standing before God there came movement upon me, flowing into a dance, for Life came through me and danced […]...More

Yield – Chapter Seven

The symbolism of the New Testament Yield – Chapter Seven Tony Crisp I Will Lift Thee On a Cross   “And so at last I saw Satan appear before me – magnificent, fully formed. “Feet […]...More

Yield – Chapter Six

The symbolism of the New Testament Yield – Chapter Six Tony Crisp Father – I Tremble There was a time when a great vision came to me. In it I returned to the womb; it […]...More

Yield – Chapter Five

The symbolism of the New Testament Yield – Chapter Five Tony Crisp It is morning and I awake to a trembling world. The whole earth, all things, are thin silk cloth shaken by the wind. […]...More

Yield – Chapter Four

The symbolism of the New Testament Yield – Chapter Four Tony Crisp Am I Devil or Angel? We opened the door of our soul, and there came to us, unconsciously at first, the realisation and […]...More

Yield – Chapter Three

The symbolism of the New Testament Yield – Chapter Three Tony Crisp Thou Art My Beloved Son “The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, ‘Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh […]...More

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