Pregnancy & Childbirth


Time For Myself

What follows are quotes from a series of letters written by Dinah - who is a top class English nanny - to her husband. Apart from being a real professional in her work as a nanny, Dinah raised her own children prior to and during her work. Dinah reveals her insights into raising children in her anec...More


The Limbic Imprint

By Elena Tonetti 1993 (Thanks to Lotus Birth for the image – birth without severance.) Why is it critical for us to understand the importance of healthy, happy gestation and birth? Why is it important to […]...More


Conscious Parenting

By Elena Tonetti 1993 In 1982 when I got involved with the idea of conscious parenting education. I was a young drama actress, playing in the theatre in Moscow. The more I learned about it, the […]...More


Temple for Lost Babies

While in Japan in the 80′s, and wandering through many side roads, I came across a little temple that intrigued me and I entered. I was fascinated by all the clothing and mementos of babies, and […]...More


A Pygmy Model for Beautiful Parenting

What happens in our parenting as we begin to act from this harmonious image of human nature? For one, we find ourselves reviving such ancient practices as natural homebirth, unrestricted breastfeeding, carrying our infants and maintaining close physical contact with them. Rather than punishment, we ...More


The Mystery of Parenthood

From about the age of 13 I had become very interested in the philosophies of Eastern and Western metaphysics. Such philosophies are full of teachings concerning reincarnation and karma. Some of the ideas presented were also about parenting and being involved in helping a being to incarnate in the bo...More



A friend whose wife, 40 years of age, fell pregnant, was told that she was a high risk case for having a Down syndrome baby. She was advised that as a result of being a […]...More


It’s All Happening – Am I Pregnant

The absence of menstruation is often the first sign one has, although by itself this is by no means proof, as many women miss periods for many other reasons. Also, despite being pregnant, a small or short period may occur....More


The Mind of a Newborn

Emotion, a language for all ages, is worn on babies' faces. We are late in acknowledging this. Watch your infant for expressions of happiness, surprise, sadness, fear, anger, disgust, interest, and distress....More


The Significance of Infant Bonding in the Development of Self and Relationships

While many therapists, counselors, and child and youth professionals may never work directly with infants, the issues of birth trauma and bonding have clear implications for practitioners who deal with a broad range of behavioral, emotional, and relational issues presented by children and adults....More


The Mysterious Power of Children-To-Be

"I'm not one to go around seeing things, visions or otherwise. However, I was now very curious. So I asked the figure who it was. I started to repeat my question when I suddenly knew the answer. This being was waiting to come through us. The 'us' was my lover and I. This being would be our baby, our...More


Coming from the Light

Sarah's approach is deeply spiritual and reverent. She presents more than thirty inspiring personal stories from parents and adoptive parents, describing connections with their children before conception and during pregnancy (or the pre-adoption period). Sarah's own experiences are perhaps the most ...More

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