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Considering that I was born two months premature and was given up as dead by the doctor; and considering that this was prior to intesive care; and considering being born is a shit thing to happen to one so young, I have learned a lot about survival. Some of what I learned was to not take shit from authority figures, but to respect those who are of real quality. As I am now 73 I feel I have something to say.


Introduction to Traditional Eating

This is the best health information I can find Tony...More


The Real Reason Wheat is Toxic (it’s not the gluten)

From Sarah Pope from  The stories became far too frequent to ignore. Emails from folks with allergic or digestive issues to wheat in the United States experienced no symptoms whatsoever when they tried eating […]...More


One Person’s Poop is Another Person’s Prescription

From Sarah Pope from One of the most heart-rending emails that caught me off guard landed in my inbox last Spring. The email detailed a woman’s arduous struggles attempting to reclaim her gut health […]...More

amazing landscape

Life Spans

By Mary Batten -  author of The Tropical Forest, has also written films Science writer-editor Stephanie Bernardo helped research this article.  Science Digest February 1984 Meet Jeff, an average male baby born in 1983. Even […]...More


Helping Hands

We don't need to believe we are healers or any wonderful thing to stand with someone who faces life's ever changing events and put our hand on their back or hold their hand - we just need to be a human being....More


Inner Baby and Child

Please understand that the baby, the child and the adult are three very different creatures with enormously different mind sets, world views and responses. We recognise this slightly when we say she or he is […]...More


Health Tips

Would you believe that One cigarette destroys 25 mg. of vitamin C. Lecithin can provide the same stick-free pots and pans that commercially marketed Pam does-and without propellants! (Just break open a lecithin capsule and […]...More


Notes for Touching Your Core Self

Bell’s Inequality Theorem Irish physicist John Stewart Bell put forward a quantum theorem that has revolutionised the way reality is considered. In brief, the theorem states that when two sub-microscopic particles are split and moved […]...More


Sugar – the reeds which produce honey without Bees

From the earliest times humans have used and traded in sugar. “Egyptian hieroglyphics dating back at least 3,000 years indicate that the art of sugar confectionery was already established.”(1) This early form of sugar was […]...More


The Practitioner Client Dilemma

Having worked as such a practitioner for over twenty years I have been forced to confront the dilemma now facing not only practitioners, but also clients seeking their help. To boldly state what the dilemma is, let me say that when I was a youth I worked in my father’s shop. He sold vegetables an...More


The Breath of Life

Breathing has been linked in some way with most of the world faiths. Early man noticed and was impressed by the fact that if a new-born babe did not breathe it did not live. He also saw that at death one suddenly ceased this continuous and rhythmic movement of breathing. So breathing became synonymo...More


Migraine – Self Help

During my fifties I suffered the most excruciating migraine headaches. When they occurred I was completely unable to work properly, and felt both as if I were going to vomit and have diarrhoea. Sometimes the migraines would occur as often as twice a week....More

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