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How Your Worst Enemy Can be Your Best Friend

You are, indeed, what you imagine you are. Is it time to take a risk and expand your possible ways of being you? If where you are is the best you’ve been able to imagine, and if it leaves something to be desired, why not learn to imagine better?...More

Pak Subuh – God’s Chosen People

SuperMinds Chapter Ten It is interesting to look at the influence of Muhammed Subuh. He was born and lived in Indonesia, working as an accountant for many years. His main interest in life was to […]...More

The Magician and the Audience

By Dina Glouberman I’ve recently gone through a period where I’ve been quite happy, positive and optimistic in the daytime, but quite troubled at night.   I would wake at night, and feel frightened or depressed. And […]...More

I’m Not Normal

Thoughts from the 1980’s Yesterday I realised so much about myself I have woken today like a dragon. I don’t mean angry dragon, just breathing fire. I feel I have been holding myself back for […]...More

The Awful Pain of Loss Transformed

I experienced an unusual dream about the house of my ancestors, and while awake I tried to explore the huge house and its basement and here is what happened. I saw we were walking in […]...More

Your Story – My Story

I was born sometime after the First World War, my birth occurred shortly before the Second World War began.  I call this your story as well as my story, because it is as certain as […]...More

A Realisation I Had Today

A realisation I had today, while watching the news – a guy in his late sixties was talking about his prostate problem and said when he peed large clots of blood popped out. He said […]...More

The Ten Day Voyage

From The Politics of Experience by R.D. Laing JESSE WATKINS is now a well-known sculptor. I am glad to know him as a friend. He was born 31 December 1899. Went to sea in 1916 […]...More

Dear Me

A woman's letter to herself, written by the Life in her advising and encouraging her in a time of trial...More

Wonders of Your Mind

Humans are known to be capable of incredible and extraordinary various skills. How can it be possible that we can achieve so much and so many things, many of which are discounted? A good example […]...More

Sai Baba (of Shirdi)

  Sai Baba (of Shirdi) Superminds 7 It is not known when Sai Baba was born, where he came from, or who his parents were. The term Sai Baba means simply, Saintly Father. He appeared […]...More

Ramana Maharshi

Ramana Maharshi – An Enlightened Being Super Minds 4 Ramana was born on December 29th, 1879, at Tiruchuzhi in South India. His father was an uncertified pleader, which is a sort of rural lawyer, and as […]...More

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