Unclean - a

Unclean Island

Tony Crisp The small boat chugged slowly onwards, causing the only ripples on the sea that day to spread in a broad wake as if to tell the whole stretch of water about the intruder.  […]...More


The Story Behind The Steel

 It was new year’s eve. Brilliant sunshine was already radiating heat up from the earth as I stood by the floor to ceiling windows looking out at the small sloping garden rising in front of […]...More


The Steel

The Steel – Tony Crisp In Dedication to my grandmother Emma and my mother Betty. In my heart I believe this is the story of the times and the heartbreak the women in their line […]...More


The Promise

Life is a series of events.  There is nothing else — except, that is, for love. In the life of a child the whole world of who they are waits to be born.  And such […]...More


The House of the Ancestors

This is a true statement of my journey into a place that few - even war veterans - dare to go. But the wonder of it is the truth about YOU/US it uncovered. Here it is - take time to read on - ...More


Time to Grow Up

Again David had brought Lisa to ever stronger feelings of despair and pain. It had all happened before, many times. First of all the little irritations David showed, then suddenly the furious descent into anger […]...More



There was once a man, Ross,  who had become encased in rock. It was very difficult for him to get around, but he could, just about move. But so encrusted was his stony armour he […]...More


The Feman

The hanger was immense. It was created within the rock of a mountain, and made Nefir feel as if he were outdoors under a stone-grey sky. He often visited the colossal space to experience the feeling of ancient times created by the old craft....More


The Friendly Ghost

It wasn’t that Jack. Hadson liked the ghost. As he explained to me in the pub one evening after work, ghosts aren’t things one can come to terms with easily. So it was difficult for him to find any affection for it....More



It was ages and ages before Joyce met the Bear in real life again. Of course she would often sit and talk to it on the floor, but it never replied; didn’t even twinkle its eyes. She told it all the things she thought about, even the very unlikely things, or things she could hardly believe herself...More


The Great Rising

One night, tired of her parents’ talk, Joyce crept unseen out of the house. She had sat for what seemed like hours, listening to what the grown ups of her family were saying....More


How The Birds Came

When the sun was half way up the sky one morning, and the birds were still noisy looking for food, Mwanga was sitting with two of his grandchildren. Aiya the boy was seven, and Lilla the girl was seven and a half....More

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