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Dreams are More than Dreams

Dreams are more than fantasies or rubbish but are a wonderful selection of mental and physical tools and dimensions of our mind and spirit we can recognise and use. Here are 14 of them....More



It is a Sanskrit word used in India to describe the subtle energy within us. Kundalini is the energy underlying personal existence; the yoga teachings say that kundalini is at base pure potential. This potential […]...More


The Conjuring Trick

I know this is a massive simplification, and I am not saying it as a criticism, simply a statement of popular belief. Nevertheless it is a belief that shapes the concepts people have of themselves. But the sperm and ovum, the genes, do not provide language, they do not give us culture, books, music ...More


I Observe I Believe

I believe that we all have an upstairs, and a downstairs. The upstairs is what we call waking awareness, and we usually identify this as our self, our personality. The downstairs we have given various […]...More


Interpreting your Dreams

See: analysis of dreams; peer dream work; processing dreams....More

amazing landscape

Imagination and dreaming

Without imagination we are locked only in the present moment. Imagination is like a time and space travel machine. ‘We shall not go too far astray, I submit, if we picture this proto-human as a […]...More


Identification and Identity

The first stage of identification for a baby is with its mother and the forces of life creating it. After it is born its sense of identity is shaped by the treatment it receives and […]...More


Entering the Silence

I started with images of masses of people. At one point the images were to do with aggressive people, “people who would eat you”. There are people like that. In some parts of the world […]...More


Dreams See into our Far Past

“I am walking along a cobbled road going slightly down–hill. I know as I dream that I am in Italy. I do not feel a stranger in this land, and am learning the language.” Ron. […]...More



All of us are born with genius as a fundamental part of us. But of course things get in the way of it expressing. Our body for instance, our programming from parents and culture, also […]...More


Gendlin, Eugene

Gendlin asserts that an organism’s living interaction with its environment is prior (temporally and philosophically) to abstract knowledge about its environment. Living is an intricate, ordered interaction with the environment, and as such, is a […]...More


Fromm, Erich

A New York psychoanalyst, stands between Jung and Freud in his view of dreams. In his book about dreams, The Forgotten Language, he says they express both the biological drives and urges which are the substructure […]...More

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