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The questions and answers are quoted from my book Dreams and Dreaming - I have added links and new information to a few of the answers. Click the links below to quickly find the answers.   […]...More


Dreams – Are they Meaningless

How can we know what our dreams mean? Interpretation is not really useful if one simply thinks about a dream. You need to enter a dream in some way to find understanding. It is the […]...More


Wonderland of Dreams

While broadcasting in Australia the presenter, a rather ‘old school tie’ man in his fifties, asked me what the point of remembering dreams was. He could personally see no merit in them. His question led […]...More


Psychic faculties in dreams

(The picture above shows the enormous brain activity of a patient considered to be in a vegetative state) I have a very different view of what psychic faculties are than many other theorists. Psychic faculties […]...More


Prophetic dreams

From Dreaming Mind – Aberfan. On October 21, 1966, apparently the clearest precognitive dream was that of a young girl, Eryl Mai Jones. She often tried to tell her mother about her dreams, but her […]...More


The Belief We Are Alone

This is one of the things we need to undo – the belief that we are alone? In the past there was a period in human growth where it was necessary to be shut off […]...More


Examples of Transforming Dreams

Example: I was in awful pain for years, and eventually recognised the cause of it. I had left my wife and children and married again, and was in agony. That is until I saw the cause […]...More


Heart Beats of Prayer

Prayer can be a means of entering another world Some months ago, in correspondence  with  a  number  of Christians, I received in their letters descriptions of their methods of prayer. These have left such an […]...More


How Magical we Are – How Lost We Are

We are capable of creating devils and angels, monsters. How do we do all that? I am seeing the spiritual as something like the seashell effect. You put it up to your ear and you […]...More


Philosopher’s Stone

This refers to the basis of everything, the universe before the big bang brought light, substance and energy – or Love, wisdom and Power into existence. We all are in possession of the Stone or […]...More


Self Acceptance

Now I returned to being the flux. This is a very intense part of what I meet. It becomes very clear that the flux represents an acceptance, a blending and amalgamation of the very many […]...More


Words from your Depths

I started writing when I was eighteen, many years ago. It must be remembered that I was thrown out if school for not conforming, and at the time I knew nothing about writing, nothing about […]...More

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