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Philosopher’s Stone

This refers to the basis of everything, the universe before the big bang brought light, substance and energy – or Love, wisdom and Power into existence. We all are in possession of the Stone or […]...More


Self Acceptance

Now I returned to being the flux. This is a very intense part of what I meet. It becomes very clear that the flux represents an acceptance, a blending and amalgamation of the very many […]...More


Words from your Depths

I started writing when I was eighteen, many years ago. It must be remembered that I was thrown out if school for not conforming, and at the time I knew nothing about writing, nothing about […]...More


Mind Control

Dr. Stanley Yolles, Director of the National Institute of Mental Health, testifying before a Senate sub-committee on the flood of novel drugs emerging from the laboratory, has predicted that “In the next five to 10 […]...More


Integral Education

  Integral Education regards the child as a growing soul and helps him to bring out all that is best, most powerful, most innate and living in his nature. It helps the child develop all […]...More


Creating a New You

The small steps you can take that build into big changes is to practice what you find in your dreams. As an example, Ryan dreamt he was making repairs in a house he had lived […]...More


Philosophy From The Edgar Cayce Readings

Taken from There Is A River (Available in the USA and UK) by Thomas Sugrue. Published by Dell, USA.   The system of metaphysical thought which emerges from the readings of Edgar Cayce is a Christianised version […]...More


Physics – new physics and the mind

“When the conditioned ego is broken down, what remains is pure being immersed in the matrix of spacetime. The view that the whole universe vibrates in a quantum mechanical flux becomes apparent and the conditioned […]...More


Self Observation

Through simple self-observation one gradually arrives at a form of insight which leads to a transcending of oneself as you stood prior to the insights. One may even arrive at a massive altered state of […]...More


Wisdom in us as Old as Time

So what I am seeing is the need for the ability to adapt when times change.  It is no good simply floating on the tide.  There needs to be awareness of where the tide is […]...More


Signs of consciousness in People who are Considered Vegetative

  This is taken from the BBC Magazine Focus...More


Our Past or Present

I went to a great machine, a huge machine, ancient and massive. It is like the sort of fantasy machinery one sometimes sees in some films depicting the inside of a massive clock tower, with […]...More

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