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Although many people say we are no longer and instinctive creature as a human, and the only instinct we have is to hang on to a support and to suckle as a baby, this is […]...More


Ox Herding

See Ox Herding Pictures...More


Enlightenment Intensive

Charles Berner began his study of science, metaphysics and scripture as a child. In his quest for the truth he visited many spiritual teachers and experimented with many spiritual growth paths. He created the Institute […]...More


Mountain Path

A man’s description of finding the mountain path. “My life had felt shitty lately. I had lost any sense of God or hope, all I felt was emptiness with nothing to live for or any […]...More


Meeting the Unknown

However, what happened was incredibly interesting. It was like being led to stand on the edge of something, on a border or frontier. On my side of the frontier was what I called myself. On […]...More


Mindread Mind Reading Telepathy

To read someone’s mind used to be called telepathy, but no explanation could be found for it. But with the coming of Quantum Physics it became explainable with the understanding of the new science. The […]...More


Mental Illness

If you dream about being, or being with mentally ill people, it usually signifies you dealing with parts of your own feelings and responses to relationship, work of general existence, that have inbuilt difficulties. We […]...More


Memory and Dreams

I want to make it clear how dreams use parts of ones impressive memory to illustrate a feeling state. The dreamer obviously feels anxiety a lot of the time and so uses previous and imagined […]...More


Mean Meaning

Mostly when people write to me on this site and use the word mean or meaning, they are asking what their dream’s meaning is. So see Clicking On – Peer Dream Work – Techniques for […]...More


Mate Mating

If you feel there is a battle going on with your mate, it is likely that you are not taking responsibility for what is happening there is a good possibility, for basically we tend to […]...More

Macedonian Dream Traditions

In cultures such as the Macedonian, where symbols were often thought of in terms of good or bad luck, light blood represented good news, dark blood bad news. Ptolemaios was the son of Macedonian colonists, […]...More


Lowy, Samuel

The Czech psychiatrist Dr. Samuel Lowy published a book on dreams in London in 1942. The book was Psychological and Biological Foundations of Dream Interpretation.  He felt that all physical changes produce stimuli cuasing dreams. […]...More

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