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Seven 7 Levels of Us

At the base level it is movement. As our being develops from conception a first sign of life might be movement within the womb and the heartbeat. Basically Life is recognised by its ability to […]...More

What Happens When We Die?

This is not the worn out description of going up a tunnel of light but an attempt to show what is actually happening - it is very new....More

Bad Dream or Nightmare – Change It

Experiment with changing your dream by using your imagination/visualisation: You can always try to build a different ending to a dream that was not satisfying or not understandable by imagining a different end or a […]...More

The Christmas Story

This story, like many others, has a long history, and I wish to show how much longer it existed before it was enshrines in Christian belief. It is a story that preserves the holy nature […]...More

Archetype of the Virgin Birth

This archetype, like many others, has a long history, and I wish to show how much longer it existed before it was enshrines in Christian belief. The belief was probably started in pre-history, and below […]...More

Books Have Souls Too

HARMON  Bro,  a well known author and sociologist once handed Edgar Cayce a new book, still in its postal wrapping, and Cayce held it with closed eyes. After a few moments he was able to tell […]...More

Finding My Little Girl

“I feel as if I am falling down a hole into depression.” Tony is my ‘go to’ person so I told him my feelings. “What’s happening?” he asked. I reminded him of what had been […]...More

Language of The Living Body

Wholeness of the mind through the body A great deal has been written about using the postures to aid such conditions as arthritis, hypertension, etc. But I want to show that we can use the […]...More

Super Heroes and Mythical Creatures

Super Heroes Pegasus The Sphinx Unicorn Dragons Pandora’s Box Immense and Unseen Beings Aliens Medusa Vampires Werewolf Lycanthrope Zombies Super Heroes No person that I know of can fly without mechanical help, can send bolts of […]...More


This is a story of a group of blind men, who have never come across an elephant before and who learn and conceptualise what the elephant is like by touching it. Each blind man feels […]...More

Dream Lucidity, Witnessing and Self-Remembering

A Discussion Between Charles Tart and Lucidity Letter Editor, Jayne Gackenbach, Examining Similarities Between CHARLES TART and JAYNE GACKENBACH University of California, Davis;Athabasca University and University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada Gackenbach: In a recent review […]...More

Death of Ego

“The main objective of psychedelic therapy is to create optimal conditions for the subject to experience the ego death and the subsequent transcendence into the so-called psychedelic peak experience. It is an ecstatic state, characterized […]...More

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