Christian Yoga Part 12

The goodness and badness of things Part 12   One of the great statements in the New Testament is – “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” (Mathew 7-1). Strangely the enormity of this is […]...More

Christian Yoga Part 11

  The Confusion of Discipline Part 11  Looking back at some of the disciplines of past Christians, especially the ascetics and monastic orders, it is obvious there is great confusion about what opened ones conscious […]...More

Christian Yoga Part 7

Who will you be? Part 7   Which is to be your way though? Is it to be a rigid and uncompromising morality and restraint imposed upon yourself from without? It cannot be this, for […]...More

Christian Yoga Part 3

First Steps on the Way   To grasp the first steps in Christian Yoga you need to remember that Christ frequently taught in parables.  Such teaching by the use of analogy and symbols was not […]...More

Christian Yoga Part 2

Meeting the I AM If you say to yourself, “I am tired.  I am hungry.  I am depressed.  I am happy,” you are describing the changing conditions of your body and your mind.  But if […]...More

Christian Yoga – Introduction

The teachings on Christian Yoga that follow are not uniquely my ideas. I followed clues left by disciples from the long past. Here and there in the world’s literature there are fragments and sentences referring […]...More

Body Freedom & Yoga

 So you think you know how to do the postures? And you say you have been practising for years! Well, so have I, and it doesn’t mean a thing. The mystery of our self is […]...More

Inner Path of Christ – Part 3

Who Are You Really For most agnostics any talk about the eternal in our obviously short spanned life is a sign of mental weakness. They perhaps say, “Point it out to me.” The strange thing […]...More

Yoga and Childbirth

By Tony Crisp   The book was first published in 1975, just after my wife, Brenda, had given birth to our fifth child. Being a parent has been one of my most fulfilling and challenging experiences. I […]...More

Introduction – 1

Yoga and Childbirth – 1 If we were perfect people living in a world made perfect by us, there would be no need for this book. Perhaps all that would be necessary would be to […]...More

Influencing the Unborn Child – 6

Yoga and Childbirth – Chapter 6 In 1962 most authorities did not believe that the unborn child could be influenced by the activities of the mother. In that year a shocked world witnessed the birth of […]...More

Pregnancy – Being Movement – 2

Yoga and Childbirth – Chapter 2 Despite having taught yoga postures for a number of years, I nevertheless feel that the best exercise is that which expresses our functions. There is nothing more fulfilling and satisfying […]...More

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