Skin to Skin

The tide washed over me last night, It carried my quiet body From the warm sands Drifting me into the sea. And you were swimming in the waters. The waves lifted me And for a […]...More


Here I Am

  Here I am, nearly eighty, Stomping along like a one year old, With arms spread to add balance In case I fall over. Truly it is my second childhood, And I watch adults who […]...More



Bees   Bees are the greatest shoppers in the world. From the moment it gets light There they are looking in all the outlets. And if one finds a good product They let all their […]...More


I Said to my Mother

I said to my mother, “Be still, and tell me of my body.” And she replied saying, “My child, it is from my love for your father that you have sprung. Your limbs are my […]...More


Thy Will Is My Will

I said to the Unknown, “Thy will be done, not mine.” Then it was as if the Unknown smiled and said, “But thy will is my will. This I tell to all that ask.” It […]...More

Whats This-a


  I knew she wanted to be with me last night, so I left the door to my bedroom ajar. The night air was warm, and I was barely settled into bed before I heard […]...More


My Face Shone

Then came the music, composed from the very notes you had played upon my being, and so aroused in me. Within myself, woman living in me, streams of love and pleasure, I carried you tenderly […]...More


Sometimes – For Dakota

Sometimes I dream a poem. Sometimes I paint a dream. Sometimes I dance the unspoken, And sometimes my smile is a poem of a dream. In the springtime of love We long for each other […]...More


The Thrill

The thrill of feeling alive When my body was 75. It was with a rush of young enthusiasm That I went to the stairs with excitement. It was such a wonderful feeling That certainty that […]...More


The Cake

After eating a cake, A gift from a well meaning friend, I knew a long fantasy of sex. I saw woman after woman Lowering themselves onto my erect penis. As I saw face after face, […]...More


It Goes On and On

Looking at advertisements In shop windows today – I saw a young women posing With tight shorts and brassieres. I could see the whole world Trapped in a continuous urge To procreate, manipulate, on and […]...More

alone together-a

Story of my Body

Today I sat cross-legged, Allowing my arms and trunk To move as they wished. There seemed to be no theme at first, As there often is when I give my body Freedom to tell its […]...More

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