The Quickening

I believe an enormous and powerful spiritual event is occurring at this time.

To explain this I need to use an analogy. We have all grown from seeds. From the sperm and ovum, like a seed planted in our mothers womb, we have experienced the miracle of growth to become who and what we are.

In this way we have been planted within the earth of our body. For many of us this is all we know, the physical world and its needs and demands. But some of us have grown enough to put our stem and leaves above the surface of the soil. Then our being opens to a new power, the sun.

Of course this is just an analogy. I mean by it that many of us have opened our consciousness beyond the awareness of our body. We have in one way or another become aware of dimensions beyond the physical. But we have opened to a cloudy sky. The environment, the mental, emotional and social environment within which we live is like heavy cloud. But now, there is a break in the cloud and the sun is shining through. Again this is an analogy, but it says that enormous spiritual power is now touching the lives of those who are open to it.

Like the sun touching the leaves of a plant, this powerful spiritual energy throws immense possibilities of growth and change into us. This is the quickening. It is a power that is flowing into many lives transforming them, transforming the lives of those around them, and the world itself.

Some people who are experiencing this have felt empty of motivation lately. This is probably because to some extent they are dying to the world. I don’t mean they are dying physically, only that a change is going on in their being causing a swing over from a connection with the exterior world and desires for things of the world, to greater life within the spirit.

I believe that many people are in this condition. They are puzzled by the lack of motivation and enormous quiet that has fallen upon them. I believe they are dying to the world as this enormous flood of new life enters them. When this new force enters your life, you may feel a vibratory energy flowing through you. It is powerful enough at times for other people to actually feel your body vibrating at a very fast rate. This is the power of life transforming you in subtle ways. If you watch your dreams they will also show your relationship with this quickening.

How do we Open to this Quickening?

1. Take time to clarify what you feel is at the core of your existence. You are not being asked if you believe in God. No such belief is necessary. If there is a God you will find it at your core without any belief, just as you know the wind on your face without having to believe in it. What you are being asked is if you brought about your own existence, and if you completely know who and what you are. If you do know, then you need read no further. If you are uncertain and believe that you are probably a mass of chemical, biological or energetic responses, ask yourself again if you know deep down that you have the final answer. If you admit that you do not know for certain, you can take the next step.

2. The state of not knowing is important. It frees you of preconceived or rigid ideas and opinions that might stand in the way – so this step requires no belief. What it does require is a sense that there is something you do not understand that brings you into being. Take time to develop this condition of not knowing.

3. When you feel the open ‘not knowing’ condition active in you, state in some way that is an expression of this pivotal moment in your life, that you want the unknown mystery at your core to emerge more fully into your experience. A suggested statement is: “I come with all my being held open to the action of the mystery that is my core self.”

See: This is the Time of the QuickeningLife Stream; Groundswell and The Glory

Any influx of energy, whether it is chemical, electrical or personal, produces change. Opening to this enormous influx of energy has the same effect. Because we are all unique the changes that arise will very much be in connection with who you are, your background, culture, and potential. In general though, the changes are towards enlargement, growth, and a further emergence of your inner potentials. It also tends to produce greater awareness of being an integral part of an infinite and timeless continuum. Your personal relationship with that continuum gradually unfolds.

However, change is not always easy. Sometimes we resist it with great energy. Change confronts us with our weaknesses as well as our strengths. It reveals who we are much more fully than if we are in a stable situation.

But this quickening, overall, is about integration. It is about recognition of connection with all that exists in our universe. It is about meeting the you that is timeless, along with the history your timeless self unfolds to you. It is about being part of an enormous social and world change that we are on the brink of at the moment. What part you will play in that depends upon who you are and what you dare to be.


-Suzanne Neel 2012-04-07 3:09:44


    -Tony Crisp 2012-04-08 8:36:33

    Suzanne – Thank you for your words.


-gregory coleman 2011-09-01 16:45:50

Mr Crisp:
I would very much appreciate the opportunity
to discuss with you a monumental shift
that has occured in my life. My spiritual awakening
has closed every past door, and I now sit waiting
for purpose. I would appreciate your insight
into dramatic changes that have occured in my life.

    -Mark Bennis 2012-02-07 13:31:13

    I have had an amazing awakening experience too, I have written an article on line describing my journey and amazing experience that I had at the time named it a Kundalini experience but when it happened I had called it a Quickening.

    I to would like to learn more on that powerful experience I had and if you would like to share experiences and also ideas then please visit my article called Kundalini Rising a journey to an awakening, or press my website link if it shows?
    Great article by the way I am totally with you in your explanation and description.

-Heidi F 2011-01-13 21:07:42

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I needed to read this today

“I come with all my being held open to the action of the mystery that is my core self.”

    -Tony Crisp 2011-01-25 10:28:32

    Thank you Heidi. I wonder if you will find this of interest also.

    While in France with a friend Dina Gloubermann, she asked me many questions asking me if I could find answers intuitively. One day she asked me to simply write what came. Here is the result. This is the Time of the Quickening.


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