The Mountain Of Love

Lately I seem to be lucid and clear in my dreams – this one especially.

I was hurrying toward somewhere or something, about half way there a young attractive woman caught hold of me and kissed me passionately on the lips – I responded. She said I had her email address because I asked if we would meet again. I had asked because of the mention on my website where I said, “But I would love to find a woman companion who understands me and me her.”

When I arrived wherever it was I was hurrying to I remembered the times I had met LOVE. The first time was in March 1969. Many other times also, but a huge meeting was when I was shown, “The impulse that flashed out of that great Creative Impulse that we know as the Big Bang, and realised it was Love. It flashed through the universe permeating its every particle, in a way that we cannot yet perceive, but which is like a touch upon the pulsating chaotic movements of particles and lives.

We are the seeds of that love. We are seeds of Life. And in our small portion of the universe, we face a particular lesson through the shortness of our bodily lives. We face death. Yet that is the greatest of things.

I saw, I experienced, I felt with great emotion, that this consciousness was alone. In human terms that is the only way I can describe it. It was one immense consciousness without division, without separation anywhere in it. Nothing could exist outside of it. Even if it imagined something other than itself, that would still be an undivided part of itself. But because of what I am calling aloneness, the being, the consciousness wanted to create otherness. It wanted other beings to share its existence, its wonder.

So the only thing it could do to enable the existence of others was to die, to destroy itself. Therefore, as far as I can put this into words, with the enormous skill, with great art, with an ability to plan and foresee the results beyond what we can understand, it set about its own death. It did this with enormous love. And that death and that love is what our present culture calls the Big Bang.

My experience was that the Big Bang was an act of enormously creative self giving. It did this so others might exist. It was the only way in which the possibility of other beings having an existence outside of itself could come about. It was almost like seeding itself.

For that is the heart of everything, the very act of love out of which our lives have been formed and, “If we discover the secret of that, we discover our Creator and eternal nature.”

I believe the first time I was personally aware of Loves ability to transform was in 1967 – I was going through a fairly cynical phase, and in a dream my wife Brenda told me she had met a great spiritual man. I said such people were fictional characters, but went to see for myself anyway. The man worked opposite where I lived in London, in a small printing factory on the corner of Duke Street – the factory is still there. Apparently the man used to come out onto a raised loading bay at lunch time and talk with the few people who gathered to listen to him. So I waited in the street around the loading bay with the others. Then there was a whisper that HE was coming down the stairs from the first floor of the factory. As I caught sight of him I didn’t think much of him. He was medium height, about late twenties or early thirties, slim but not skinny, perhaps athletic build. He had sandy, slightly red hair, going prematurely bald.

He was not a flamboyant man at all, but very quiet and unassuming. He stood on the loading bay and began to talk about the spiritual life. It was very simple, and I thought to myself that I had heard or read it all before in the spiritual classics and the New Testament, and he was simply repeating it. He didn’t speak for long though and he came down to meet us all. About five of us afterwards walked slowly along the street with him talking. In those days there was no traffic rushing past. Near the end of the street, before it joined Euston Road, he stopped and slowly looked at the people to my right who followed him . They seemed to go through a change. Then he turned his eyes on me. Suddenly I was pierced through with the most intense love I had ever felt. He knew me through and through, every part of my life, and he bathed me in love. I fell forward into his arms, crying, and he held me for a while then gently parted. I knew I had met love.

Over the years in other dreams or experiences, he/she, in different guises, taught me and slowly transformed me.

Today I experienced and saw, with humility, Loves wonder, and was shown the Mountain of Love.

I wasn’t trying to search for what I found, but I started to remember the times I had experienced these previous times of knowing Love. I know today it is often called ‘making love’ but what they really mean is actually having sex. Yet these times of meeting Love had no sense or experience of having sex.

At times I have had great meetings with Love. At one time I was blessed by an experience of the Great Creator starting our Universe in the Big Bang. Strangely enough it was mirrored in the experience of Rodrigo, from Mexico, who wrote, “I just read your description of the Big Bang.  I basically experienced in a dream what you describe in your “archetype of the Big Bang article”. What I also remember in my thoughts was: It has a LOT, if not everything to do, with love, as you also say. Just not passion or lust, something way beyond that.

Having been reminded of these amazing memories I was suddenly experiencing a vision of The Mountain of Love. It was humbling because I was between two other in the lowest outer circle of other men and women in the mountain with my arms stretched out to hold the hands of those beside me.

I could see I was at the foot of an immense Mountain of women and men which was solid with people. Nobody was crushed under this incredibly high peak for we were like cells in the body in which none are hurt. But at the peak I could see only one person stood, the very essence of Love. Nobody lasted long at that peak for they have been transformed as they rose in the mountain and then they attain a very different life, maybe as an angel or a god, I don’t know, and so they disappear from the peak; most likely they developed beyond present human understanding.

I was also led to know that anyone can join hands with others at that lowest outer level of Love. If you join you must not try to try to radiate or meditate love because that is simple you trying. If you join you must remain empty of trying and let the Mountain slowly transform you. Gradually you enter deep in the mountain and you are cleansed.

A view of this given me years ago –

Suddenly there were two beings with me in my room. I could not see them with my eyes, but they were standing in my awareness, to my left, suspended above the bed where I lay musing.

Surprising, because I had not sought them. Frightening, because they were the living dead. Radiant, because they were angels. Inspiring, because they shone with wonderful life. Uplifting, because of the gift they brought.

The living dead! Yes. That I knew of them. It was everywhere about them, communicating it to me, telling me the majesty of death. Speaking to me without words they led knowing in me, as you might lead a friend through your new house, revealing its secrets.

Thereby I knew all that I considered human in them had died. Desire, longing to possess, power, sex, ambition, all had melted away. And I understood in their presence, if I surrendered to the Highest, this was my path. My own person would melt away, my desires fade like shadows in the sun.

Fear – Yes – in the loss of myself. In the sense of my own futility, in the knowledge of my littleness, in the confrontation of their majesty, at the loss of what I thought my wisdom.

In them I saw beyond myself. Through their emptiness of all that I so valued, I saw shimmering light, Cosmic in its vastness. Their death allowed, shining through them, dimensions of a life beyond the very best of all my mind, or love, or art.

Radiant they were with all the mystery of life itself. Suns shone through them; not just with light, but with ungrasped joy and love. Inspiring me by showing me the possibility of my life and all the lives of those myriads around me; uplifting too, by unveiling to me the meaning of the story He told, where, having lost ones cloak, you offer your coat also. Not, as I had thought, an act of selfless generosity. They said it was a statement, “How strange. You want this old coat, when you could have the life unbounded?”

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