Publishing History – Your Dream Interpreter

Your Dream Interpreter was published in October 2004 in the UK by Cico Books.

The book was first conceptualised by Cico publishers and has been a joint effort. This has greatly enriched the contents of the book, drawing out of me aspects of dreaming I may not have thought to write about otherwise.

Your Dream Interpreter was also published by Readers Digest in the US in February 2005

ISBN 1904991017

Didactica Editora Published it in Portugal in 2006 as Interprete dos Sonhos. ISBN 9726507065.

Contres-Dires Published it in France in 2006 as De Decoder Nos Reve. ISBN 2849330249.

Damm Egmont Published it in Sweden in 2006. as Drommene Dine. ISBN 108204119593.

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