The Great and Ancient Secret – Part Seven

The Simple Truth

Well yes, we could look at the classic approaches, and there are dozens of them. But don’t you sense some confusion already in what has been said – you should do this; this has to be done before you do that; this is the best way- or maybe that would suit you better! It’s a maze you could get lost in. It’s a Babel of voices and opinions. There is so much crud offered to us in our world today, probably someone trying to sell you something packaged in extraordinarily attractive wrappings. And why are they trying to sell it or convince you of how good it is? Well, if you dig deep, it is because they haven’t found the Great Secret themselves, and they need you to give them some of your wealth to give them a security and confidence they lack. They need you to swell their numbers so they can themselves feel they are doing the right thing.

Take a while to consider how insecure those people are. When they get wealth or power they keep hold of it in every way possible. They trample others and deny them a fair share of what they have worked for. Look around, they even call out the army or police to maintain their hold on things.

nd why do we follow such people? Why do we get involved in organisations, paths and methods?

Well, its because we fail to open to the wonderful being we already are.

Honestly, its an old, old story. It is the fullness of life you were born with that is your real treasure. What we are all seeking is that wonderful creative life we veil and hide, deny or crucify within us. There aren’t any secret ways to help you to unveil that and accept it when, as it is always doing, it knocks on your door. It isn’t in any particular faith, or meditation or understanding of ‘dreams’. It doesn’t need any special breathing technique or secret vitamin.

What it does need is the sort of guts it takes to live your life fully; to feel everything that life puts in front of you; to let your deepest passions be expressed – the best in you not the worst. Not fear or despair or uncertainty. Those are shadows getting in the way of your own light – and it is that light of your innermost self that is the Secret.

Of course you must not avoid the shadows. Meeting them with the confidence that you are opening to something beyond them gives you the confidence to face them. And in confronting them you gain the understanding of where and how those shadows, those lumps of pain or anger entered you.

How do you do that?

Most of us have been brought up to believe we exist as something separated from the great creation of our universe. We feel lost in the immensity of what surrounds us; a speck amidst teeming millions – what have we got to offer?

If you take time to look at how you exist you will see that it is not through some talent or skill of your own. I know you might get proud and sometimes people get big headed because they believe they have ‘made it’. Success, acclaim, money, and they lose sight of the basic things – they don’t beat their own heart. They don’t produce their own food, make their own clothes. Build their own dwelling. It isn’t their conscious ego that keeps them breathing while they sleep. It is LIFE – and the whole process of the universe is behind that.

If we fail to acknowledge that; if we fail to open to it, then we are dead, blind, lost in a crazy world. Life, the spirit that gives us existence, is constantly a part of your daily life. It is forever trying to lead you toward the full flowering of who you are. Real success, real creativity, riches, wonderful sex and love, all emerge from that flowering.

Life speaks to us all the time, not as a great voice from the sky, but in all we meet each day, in the animals we connect with, through parenthood and love, through being able to really see other people, in being able to respond to what knocks on our door. Some people experience it when they love an animal, or feel wonder in nature. Others feel the passion of it when they get fascinated by a line of study or work. Whether it a a great passion, love or wonder, it is that opening and stirring inside of you that is Life speaking to you. Listen to it and follow where it leads. It is leading you to your own wonderful Secret.

Life told us all this 2000 years ago. Forget names like Jesus or Christ, it was Life speaking. Forget the churches and the dogma, the rules and regulations, go straight to the source.

Life told us that, “The Kingdom of God is inside you and all around you, not in buildings of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood and you’ll find me, lift a stone and I’m there”.

Life showed us how to live without judging people or ourselves. Life didn’t turn the prostitute away, or the sick. Life loved unconditionally, not grasping because of ones own insecurity and needs. Life said that we each have the wonder in us, but we deny it, crucify it because it doesn’t bow down to authorities or rulers. And it isn’t something that happened in past times. That same life is calling to us now – “Let me into your life. Let me heal your blindness and paralysis. Let me wake you from the dead. Come to me as a little child, or as a lover, opening your being to me. Drop your preconceptions and I will live in you.”

I ask you to imagine that – a glorious love affair with the very spirit of life! A love affair with the invisible and forever indefinable, the infinitely creative. Is that something you are afraid of?

Can you open your being to the invisible unknown that lives you? Can you trust what you can never grasp and yet you constantly know as your existence? Can you open with love to the invisible and indefinable?

Why not say YES to it?

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