Inner Life

I used to think I was like a ‘brick shit house’, without feelings. Then, out of desperation because of the misery I was leaving in my choldren, I found the key to an amazing door. The door was opened partly through dreams, and largely by learning to be nothing and letting Life show me the way. What I found, what I have called the Inner Life, was like ‘What happened in Mexico. It picked me up and shook me. It threw me on the ground and made love to me. Then it left me alone and I cried like a child.’ It was everything, always new, always unexpected and wonderful.

A Modern Approach – Enlightenment Part 19

Looking at the various approaches to enlightenment that we find in the West today, it is obvious that a great deal of emphasis is placed upon looking to the east for methods, for teachers, and […]...More

A Sudden Insight

A sudden insight here about choices. I saw that each of us in our decision-making are quantum probability generators. This is especially so in choices about how we handle our sexuality and reproductive functions. The […]...More

Clicking On

Dream images are like icons on a computer screen – You have to ‘click’ on your dream images to make them come alive. Thinking about them doesn’t work. You need to open yourself to the […]...More

Young Student’s Questions

Here is an interesting list of questions a young student sent me. I think the answers sum up in a simple way much of the content of this site. Hi Mr. Crisp, Thank you so […]...More

Inner World

Your inner world is all the thoughts,  feelings, beliefs and convictions, and also the intuitive insights that people have who may hear voices or have visions. Is is also your experience of fear, the sense […]...More

A Personal View

Finding our Core and Living It Feelings and images arose leading me to the sense that enlightenment in our times is still about evolution. It is about touching that core of potential to find an […]...More

Breakthrough to Memory

An excerpt from my book Eye Of Dreams “I dreamt I am walking along a cobbled road going slightly down–hill. I know as I dream that I am in Italy. I do not feel a stranger […]...More

Fear is Another Word for Hope

The way towards freedom from fear was presaged long ago. As is clear in the Four Noble Truths, attachment is suffering because once we feel attached to something, even if we never lose it we […]...More

Pathless Way

What follows is a quote from my book Yield. Part of it is a quote I used from June Dunlap's book Exploring Inner Space. I quote it all because I believe it sums up our Way. It starts in the middle of June's experience of living through the process of evolution, and ends with a realisation of a great...More

The Longing we all Have

Recently I have been listening to my intuition by allowing my voice free expression, as I have for many years. Lately though it seems to have more power or penetration of insight. Perhaps it is […]...More

What our Dreams Mean?

Chris: How can we know what our dreams mean? Tony: Interpretation is not really useful if one simply thinks about a dream. You need to enter a dream in some way to find understanding. It is the […]...More

My Mother’s Funeral

Chris: You told me that when you were at my mother’s funeral something happened to you that was very impressive. What was that? Tony: In describing this I have to say first that I did […]...More

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