This is like the mother of pearl, where colours are all the time shifting and changing. So it is like looking into the inner world of dreams, of intuition and touching the highest in us.

I was on a beach in somewhere like Ibiza. I met Danny, I knew that I didn’t have the money like him to live a different life, so I wondered what I could do. I saw a rock mound with water running through it. I then saw that ancient peoples had carved out some more of the rock and had inserted abalone shells around the running water creating a trough. as I looked on, I suddenly realised that this was an expression of the divine, and that I could live here and dedicate my life to the divine, thereby giving my life as much meaning if not more than Danny’s.

Useful questions and hints:

Have you at the time of the dream had any feelings about something to do with your inner life?

If you have can you say what they are and what you realise from them?

What was the action in the dream with the shell – holding it, glancing at it, using it in some way? Whatever it was can you gather any information from it? See Action in Dreams

Can you enter the dream to find its meaning? You can do this by using Acting on Your Dream.

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