Aboriginal Aborigine

In most dreams this refers to your more spontaneous feeling or instinctive or natural reactions to the things that happen to you. Often, like unbidden sexual or religious feelings, this side of your nature may be less conscious than your more daily or socialised reactions. The aboriginal may also represent your less rational or logical side, the part of you moved by feelings, magic, ritual, or ancient beliefs.

In some cases it depicts the side of yourself that may not have much chance to express in most social situations. But it is also the side of yourself that is closest to nature, with keener senses. It is more intuitive and less rational, and does not regard itself as distinct from the natural forces that produced you, or the other wild creatures of the earth. So at times this dream figure may enable you to see things more clearly, cutting away the social complications.

The aboriginal may also be a link to relating well to your own nature energy and motivations.

The modern western adult is often very much out of touch with the life giving processes within them and may feel isolated and often ill at ease in the world. The black figure in dreams, or the native, can give us a much needed connection and balance. It can also be an image of less sophisticated parts of you. See: African; Australian aboriginal dream beliefs.

Useful questions are:

Am I at odds with this natural part of myself?

Is there some love and understanding between us?

Is this being asking something of me?

What can I learn from this side of myself?

Does the primitive part of me need attention or is trying to grow? Use Talking As to understand more about this side of you.


-Brandy 2017-02-17 2:39:29

Dreamt I was in an unfamiliar room that was dark but light to see the walls and see a man facing me. The man was darker than me, a somewhat brown leathery color with wavy hair on top and shaved on the sides. His hair was lighter towards the tips. Looking at his face straight on, he began to speak/sing in a gutteral language that I didn’t recognize. Almost like the Tibetan horns. It sounded so deep that I thought it was coming from the earth itself. It was as if he was telling me some very specific message but I didn’t recognize the words. It was a long detailed message, cryptic to me in my dream and in my wake state.

-Tricia 2016-03-20 22:34:53

I dreamt a 40-50 year-old, resting and reflective aboriginal woman was sitting at the top of a sand dune I was climbing. When I got to her I walked around looking for my dog. I looked at my footprints and they had made the shape of a skull. She asked me, ‘you want your dog up here?’ and I replied yes, then she looked back out over the vista and my dog came running through the dune valley over a small beach like waterway lined with algae and bounded up the high dune to me. The dream went on with more rich symbolism, but ended in the death of my dog. In waking life I have been involved in a long arduous project which has meant I have not been walking and playing with my dog lately. I’m physically and creatively drained and my understanding of the dream is – the cost is high and permanent. I don’t have children and my dog is my joy, fun and love.

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