Abuse Abused Abusing

Abusing, being abused, or abusing, physically or sexually, may point to your own past experience. The dream may be an attempt to work out the inner damage you have about this. If not that, then there is a likelihood it is showing you some way you are either abusing someone else’s friendship, or are yourself being, or feeling, abused.

It is like aggression, and can be physical or very subtle, so can be passive-aggressive. Some times abuse, like aggression can be caused by held back sexual urges, or a means of passing on what you received in abuse as a child.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Do I have any memories or feelings about being abused?

We sometimes abuse ourselves by damaging or repressing parts of our nature, so does the abuse point to this?

Am I in an abusive relationship or work situation?

It may  be useful to use Carry the Dream Forward; Using symbols to change life problems and Dream Yoga. Also see hostility; aggression.

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