The dream image of acid suggests there is something that has the power to eat away at your positive feelings. The image may point to fears, cynicism, or criticism as in an acid tongue. If you are the one using the acid, be aware of the power to hurt or damage that you hold. If the acid is in a particular setting, such as work or relationship, then it refers to difficult feelings in your everyday life. If possible trace the feeling in your dream to where it is occurring in your waking life.

Acid test means the test of real value, as gold will not corrode, but lesser metals will. Therefore corrosion denotes material, easily destroyed things. Something may be burning away at your feelings or confidence, perhaps guilt or anxiety; your own vitriolic attack on someone else; fear of getting ‘burnt’ or hurt.

Throwing acid on someone: Purposely hurting someone; putting them to the test by being hurtful.

Where acid refers to LSD, See: drugs; mind bomb; LSD hypnosis meditation

Idioms: Acid tongue; come the old acid (try to deceive); the acid test.

Useful questions are:

Is something eating away at my confidence, resolve or sense of well being?

Do I feel a difficult but cleansing action taking place?

Have I been deeply critical of someone else or even myself?

Do you feel something corrosive inside you?

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