A desire to have others know something about yourself, or a way of bringing something to your attention; recognition of a need or opportunity.

Advertisement for a job: Desire for change; hope of something new; desire to find more satisfaction; recognition of opportunity. There may also be questions of desire, needs or choices connected with this. Considering what the rest of the dream portrays, and any feelings involved, will define this.

Advertising a project, a product or yourself in some way: Probably a desire to have others recognise your needs or talent. Advertising can be a costly way to do it.

Example: I was fed up. I said to my husband, ?Let’s take a holiday, just the two of us, get away from it all. I saw an advert in a newspaper for a log cabin, very secluded. We took it. On our arrival I was overjoyed. It was so neat and tidy, but very plain. The large bedroom had a double bed and a single by the wall. the sun was shining really brightly through the window. J. M.

Here the advert appears to represent the recognition of a personal need – to have time alone with her husband – and the opportunity to do so.

Useful questions are:

Is this bringing something to my awareness or that I need to pay attention to?

What new opportunities or situations am I seeking or hoping for?

Am I feeling my way to a new direction or activity?

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