This represents your present life situation and all it links to. It also may depict the way you live and what you feel about your way of life, your living area, and the locality of it. It therefore indicates feelings about your present style of life.

Another person’s address: The condition or life situation of the person as it applies to you. You will need to look for clues as to what your dream is telling you about this. It might be suggesting contact.

New address: A change; – or hopes for or fear of a change.

Past address: The person you were, the traits you developed, what you faced in life at that time.

To forget or lose your address: To lose sight of your goals or standards in life, or who you are. This suggests a loss of connection with, or a break down of, the feelings and motivations that usually give you purpose and drive. Thus one would experience a sort of confusion about ‘where you live’ i.e. your place in life and connection with others. See: house; home.

Useful questions:

What address is this…home, work…someone else’s address?

Does the situation or quality of the address describe something in my own life?

If I said I was going home, what situation would I be going home to – happiness; loneliness?

What is the quality of the locality in which I live, and what do I feel about it?

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