Adorn Adornment

Dreams about adornment are often about a cave or holy place that is adorn with jewels or carvings, and it suggests you are entering deep into yourself and receiving parts of you that link your conscious mind with things that are universal and worship, usually thought of as spiritual. Or else it is memories of ancestral traces within you.

Adornment on men and women were probably first worn in ancient times when an attractive stone hung upon ones person caught the attention of other, so could be thought of as woman’s magic – probably to get a better man. The same with men, to show how different they were and as sign of being important. In today’s world they can signify the attention given to a woman, the memories attached to what is worn, or to attract attention as with rings in ones lips or nose.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I adding something to myself?

Am I compensating for something?

What do I feel as I saw the adornments, and what part does it play in my life?

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