Whether the advice is given or received, this usually suggests information you need to think about, and perhaps act upon.

Being given advice: What you need to know but perhaps wouldn’t take from someone else; intuition – occasionally of utmost importance, especially if the figure in the dream is one you feel natural respect or veneration for. Feeling pressured by other people’s opinions; sometimes it represents the influence of other people in your life – the pressure of other people’s opinions, or your own sense of what you feel others expect of you.

Giving advice: Conscience; sense of ‘ought’ or ‘should’; what you desire to say but haven’t; what you know to be useful unconsciously, but perhaps haven’t accepted; trying to influence another person or some aspect of yourself. In the example below, Renee, the dreamer, may be exploring attitudes and discovering an appropriate response to a situation.

Example: …. I can now talk candidly to my mother. She tells me she’s having an affair with someone named Dan Morris. By now she is very upset and has tears in her eyes. She says he treats her like a slut and a piece of filth. She uses other similar words. I ask her why she doesn’t just leave him. She forcefully says, ?No! That is not a possibility. Then I ask her why she doesn’t just reverse their relationship and treat him like a slut and a piece of filth. I start to offer her what I consider very wise advice. I think she shouldn’t allow this man to be in control. At the end I am happy and feel I’ve helped her. Renee P.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is this advice about an issue in my waking life – if so what is the essence of it?

If giving advice is this something you should personally take notice of?

What is the subject of the advice – health, love, work – and does it apply to that area of your life?

See Information and Insight.


-Lana Saeteurn 2016-08-15 7:49:10

My dream was of my friend telling me to be careful around her younger brother and that he’s weird. I can’t remember too good. But as I saw him, I told him how not to let anyone’s words define him, that he is enough, and that the world is his and he can chase after whatever he wants.

And I feel as my sense of ‘ought’, is accepting what I unconsciously know.. exactly what I told him. I feel very lone in this world and feel the need for comfortand company to better my mood. But really me succeeded alone is also an okay response to my situation. Haha I ought to succeed alone or not I have a greater purpose than a sad bby g crying home alone constantly.

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