Aerobatics Aerobatic

This suggests you are, or are going to be daring in your life or undertakings. This could connect with any aspect of your life, but is often connected to relationship, work, or ones efforts toward personal growth. The success or failure of the flying will show how fearful or confident you are in expressing your daring. This is largely a matter of nerve, and anxiety can bring you down. It doesn’t matter that you are watching someone else do the aerobatics, it will still most likely refer to yourself. That is unless you know the person flying the plane. Then it might suggests an observation you are making of them.

Useful questions are:

What is it I am daring to do that is risky or adventurous at the moment?

Am I showing off in some way trying to attract the attention of others?

Does this reflect in any way with the relationship I am in at the moment?

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