Suggests directing attention desire or emotions toward what is represented by target or goal. Motivating toward something or the power of intention.

Edgar Cayce said that, “Mind is the builder” and so whatever you aim for or strive toward becomes real if you work at it

Aimless: Undecided; conflict; loss of pleasure or what gives pleasure and meaning to life; unacknowledged pain defeating pleasure and motivation; fear. But also it can be about trusting Life to guide you, and not being possessed by ambition and a way of life that constricts you.

Being aimed at: Feeling a target, perhaps of other people’s criticism or attack.

Being the target: Feeling as if you are being criticised or attacked.

Gun or weapon being aimed: Directing or directed anger or serious threat, sexuality or attention.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What am I aiming at?

Does this imply a goal or other important target?

Do I feel criticism or threats are being aimed at me?

Do I know what I am aiming at?

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