Air Conditioner Conditioning

Perhaps ones lungs; methods or techniques you use to ‘cool down’ or calm your feelings or ‘blood pressure’, so a way of dealing with stress; relief. Ways you use to ‘clear the air’ in a disagreement or relationship.

This I believe obviously links with breathing and may be about the air we breath and its quality. See Breathing

Example: They carry me through the window to my basement room I shared with another woman who talks about her boyfriend. Then it is hard to breathe. Oh, I hear a motor and we guess it’s a VW bug or bus and it’s an old man’s wheelchair. Then it’s hard to breathe and we see yellow thin strips of confetti-like stuff all in the air and we are breathing it in. It is in the air conditioning so we all get up and go outside where it is a hot summer night.

But the media has shown other associated ideas we may have with air conditioning. Because air conditioning draws air from outside it may be illustrating that in some way. Also all rooms are linked and so it is often shown how people can get into someone else room/life; or even discover otherwise secret areas of oneself or an escape route.

Example: A couple of years ago I lived in an apartment on the second floor.  A skunk had a made its nest on the ground outside, directly below the bedroom window.  In the summer in Los Angeles with no air conditioning and the windows open, there were some terrible nights.  That’s the only skunk experience I have had and it was pretty bad.

If felt as cold: Something causing emotional withdrawal or coldness. See: air.

 Useful Questions and Hints:

What is the air conditioner doing, and how does this relate to you?

If the air conditioner is malfunctioning what does this suggest in your daily life?

If you stand in the role of the air conditioner, what do you arrive at?

Do you problems with breathing, if so see The Slow Breath and The Breath of Life.

For help understanding your dream see Acting on Your Dream.

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