Air Raid

Feeling under attack, the severity depending on the dream damage. The attack might be emotional from people, or feelings we have about events around us. Things may be going badly at work, and comments be felt like bombshells. Very often though, the threats are purely emotional/mental. We may read of an illness such as AIDS and the anxiety we connect with the idea has a devastating effect.

Example: ‘I am in a house and planes are dropping bombs on it.’ Mrs S. M.

Example: I was in a room with my aunt and uncle. It was dark outside and there was some kind of air raid going on with glowing missiles flying through the sky. I was terrified and tried to draw the red curtain across the window to block them out. The window was a right angle shaped one in the corner of the room. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t cover the whole window. As fast as I pulled the curtain across, the other end would be exposed, showing the missiles. I was becoming more and more frantic and my aunt and uncle just sat at the table playing cards, completely unperturbed and indifferent to my fear. D. K.

This dream from a girl in her teens clearly shows how she is dealing with her fears concerning the world. Her distress is even more intense because the fears of external threats which appear very real to her, are totally ignored by her family. The curtains depict how much she tries to shut these feelings out of her mind, and how unsuccessful this is. The dream is probably dealing with her difficulties in facing life as an adult, and the demands it may place upon her.

Idioms: I feel blitzed; it come as a bombshell; go down like a bomb; go like a bomb; put a bomb under someone; earn a bomb. See: aeroplane; war.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What in my external life am I feeling threatened by?

Are things happening out of the blue that I feel threatened by?

Am I facing new things that I am still learning to deal with?

Can I put a name or situation to what threatens me?

You can gradually change any fear of anxiety you feel by using Carry the Dream Forward.


-Irum Malik 2018-03-15 5:51:13

I saw in my dream that its day time. suddenly i saw that far away in the sky a plane is droping bombs, but bombs are far from us,. then suddenly a big plane came and drop a white color atomic bomb. bomb is not exploded, its still in the air only. i ran towards room and took my mobile and call my father, i want to tell him that war is started and he should be careful.

-Sarah Gougeon 2018-01-28 16:58:55

Early this morning I had a dream of missiles..
It was beginning to become disk I’m at a lake and I look up to see a single missile fly over head and then a second later there are thousands of them flying over head. I’m caught watching the effect of the wake from the tails its in spirals. And I ask who fired the missiles someone answered Obama . The missiles were heading to d.c. I was waiting for my slowpoke son and I turn around there is a missile heading straight for me. It’s only inches from my face. I say oh shit and I wake up.

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