Anchor Anchored

Some part of your make-up that holds you firm to a task or code, such as determination, love, etc. But it has a deeper meaning, for the anchor reaches the sea bed, or deepest part of your unconscious self, or inner self. Thus it suggests a power of resolve coming from deep within. Or it might suggest being tied down.

By itself the anchor represents stabilising influences, hope, steadfastness, perhaps attitudes or qualities, or even a relationship, which bring about the ability to ride changes and destabilising influences.

The anchor might also suggest reaching deep into the unknown of the ocean – the unconscious. See: boat.

To be anchored to something is different to anchor. It means to be fixed and in a position of influence. It can mean a relationship or situation to which you are fixed in a powerful way, positively or negatively.

If the anchor is not holding firmly or is not sound in any way, it suggests weaknesses in ones ability to meet changes and currents which influence the dreamer. Influences that are weakening your security, or difficulties in meeting the influences pulling at you.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is your dream anchor secure or shifting – if it is, try to determine what powerful influences are influencing you?

Has something given me a greater feeling of security?

Is something preventing me from going places?

Try Talking As to gain real insight into the anchor or dream.

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