Ankle Ankles

This might relate to the ankle or to the Achilles tendon, both of which are vulnerable areas. In some dreams this is where one is bitten by a creature or hit, suggesting being got at in a vulnerable area. But it is also a part of the body near to the ground and so open to either being out of sight, bitten or injured.

Having a damaged ankle would not be incredibly disabling, and would certainly make it more difficult to get around, and this is probably the meaning in a dream of injury.

Looking through all the mentions of ankle in the dreams I have collected, the mentions of vulnerability is tops, but there are many others. People often mention stepping into ankle deep water or mud, so perhaps a measurement of difficulty. Or they have their ankle taped or roped to imprison them. Perhaps they overcome the vulnerable ankle problem and so show their problem solving ability; or else they wear jewellery around their ankle like a slave girl.

Useful Questions and Hints:

If this is disabling in the dream, what does it suggest about my daily life?

Is this just a little thing saying that there is an influence that has entered my life, but it is not serious?

In what way am I vulnerable, and what is effecting that vulnerability?

What does it mean to me to have jewellery around an ankle?

What did I feel when I stepped out into water or mud?

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