The word ‘another’ is used often in dream descriptions and in context with so many things it is difficult to give a useful definition. Here are just a few taken from dreams: another part of my nature – I landed another blow – another kind of beauty – another box of books – her words fell over one another trying to mean something – walked from one world into another – about reincarnation or another life – I pick another spot and my friend joins me – another Oriental girl tries to edge her way in – and another was cuddling and breast-feeding a baby.

I included this word because so many people have searched for it in vain, so would suggest looking up context and seeing what else it links with. For instance in the cuddling and breast feeding the word another obviously points to a group situation, and the words cuddling and breast feeding. If it is pointing to another situation or another person ask yourself what that indicates.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Consider what the word ‘another’ is indicating.

What is the drama or theme of the dream indicating – see drama plot and theme

Use Processing Dreams to define what the dream is about.

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