The area of our nervous system around the anus and genitals is highly sensitive in babyhood. So it may link with the self expression, the pleasure, and the feelings of deep connection the baby feels in this area. As it also links with the huge experience of learning self control, and how ones parents dealt with you going to the toilet, so it can also connect with holding on or letting go; control or relaxation; pleasure or guilt. This in turn could involve feelings of success or failure. Therefore it associates with your WILL. feeling punished and treated like a child, to feelings or arousal and sexual pleasure.

The anus also deals with what we get rid of that our body does not use. So it can link with the experiences or the attitudes that we want to or need to get rid of. These are the waste products of our life. But our dreams often see what we pass out of our body as ‘waste’ is a wonderful enriched gift we are giving the earth.

Example: The therapist encouraged him in the fantasy, and soon he was joyously lost in the slime—and the mussels had turned to excrement. No longer repelled, he abandoned himself to a search for a treasure he felt must lie within the darkness. When he came up he held in his hand a pink pearl that glowed like the clouds of dawn. Then he remembered how he and his brother had fought over a pink pearl which was to be given to their mother. The pearl stood for her. Those children, wallowing in the mud beside the willows in the hot summer sun, had been performing an ancient and sacred rite, returning to the source of life and their beginnings under the sun.

These things help to explain the great importance of the anus to the psyche, and why the sexual fantasies of most children center on the anus rather than the vagina or the penis. Later, with more specific knowledge of their origins, children replace the image with the vagina and penis, and a new series of sexual theories appears. Most patients deal with their birth fantasies at this level, and there is much dealing to be done before the simple animal facts can be accepted. Quoted from LSD Psychotherapy by W V Caldwell

If relaxed: Easy self expression.

If tense: Not letting go of feelings you might be judging as ‘shitty’; feelings to do with being hurt or holding back. The holding back might link with sexual pleasure or performance.

If playing with or being entered by penis or finger: Introverted sexuality; self pleasure; narcissism. Perhaps self examination.

Excrement: The negative emotions and ideas we might not want to let go of; sometimes money; worry over something judged unclean; a cleansing or need for cleansing of inner feelings, such as guilt, inhibitions, resentments, hate, worry, or fear.

Holding or letting go: How we give of ourselves; whether we can ‘let go’; our generosity or lack of it.

Idioms: Talking out of arse; pain in the arse; an arsehole; head up the arse; disappears up; all tits and arsehole – no ability to reason. See: excrement.

Useful questions are:

Does this in any way relate to childhood feelings, and if so what are they?

Is there any connection with sexual pleasure in the dream?

Is anything emerging from the anus, and if so what does it suggest I am discharging?

Use Acting on your dream


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