Ape-man Half man Half Monster

This is a very important figure in dreams. As much as we would like to think of ourselves as civilised and refined humans, we are still governed by patterns of behaviour obvious in animals. We fight, kill, lie and cheat for the sake of sex, follow leaders and generally are obviously still animals. Part of becoming a really mature human is to meet and transform the animal in us. That does NOT mean kill or suppress it. It means allowing its enormous potential to be met and released. It means healing the internal pains and conflicts that inflict that deep level of our being. It means meeting the enormous power of fear, sex and anger, and redirecting their energy into creativity and human action.  See: ape and animals.

The ape-man or half animal represent the part of us that is still partly animal, and can, if not met and transformed create a lot of emotional confusion and pain. The reason is that it is a powerful part of us and can influence us without us being aware of it in us. But when made conscious and understood can be a wonderful strength and source of insight. See the quote by Jung in antlers; and also mammal brain.

Example: Dreamt I was in a room, or storeroom, full of chimpanzees. I had to leave them. Some of them opened the door. It was not locked, and I didn’t lock it, but I went back in and asked them not to open the door, as there was a busy road nearby, and they might get run over. As I spoke, one was standing near me who was now almost as tall as myself. The features had become almost human, female. She seemed very sad, perhaps because she was only half human. I felt deep links of sympathy.

A beautiful dream showing the deep connection we have with the animals. Talking to them shows a respect and awareness of them in ones life, and it communicates and helps bring together the instinctive drives that may have been neglected and so  could not adapt to the world we live in.

Example: I was saving a very young white wolf from a half man half wolf monster. Someone was with me and we were working together to save it. Finally after much struggle I coaxed it up the wooded path and it ran up the street. I went back to the monster to distract it. I glanced behind me one more time and saw the young white wolf was fully grown now. And that’s where my dream ended.

A wonderful example of accepting and helping the animal that we are to grow and mature in our life.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I aware of this part of my nature? See animals for more information.

What are its influences on me – they could be aggression, sex, non rational behaviour?

Read conditioned reflexes to understand how the animal in us can alter our behaviour.

See Street Wisdom; Levels of the Brain –  Programmed Being the Person or ThingTechniques for Exploring your Dreams


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