Something within yourself that may become a problem; an internal problem; possibly referring to the appendix itself. But it is often a psychological or a physical or energy problem as the following example shows. The man was using LifeStream.

Example: The movement involved not only the hips swaying left and right, but also the shoulders, or at least, whole rib cage, swinging left and right, in opposition to the hips. The result of this was an extraordinary amount of pain internally. The areas of pain were appendix area, liver area, left and right side of chest.

So intense was the pain I could only do the movement slowly and carefully at first. I was surprised at the degree of pain, also at the pain in the right of the chest, and area I have never felt discomfort. The nearest I can arrive at a description is to liking it to muscular cramp. As one massages such cramp it gradually melts. Such was the internal feelings, as if the intense pain were being massaged away, broken down, dispersed, as a lump melted.

As the pain was dispersed, the movement became more flowing and active. Last week I had to rest frequently during this movement, but this week it kept on for 30 or 40 minutes causing much heat and perspiration. Since then the pain and appendix difficulty has gone and never appeared again.

If you have had appendicitis: Feelings you associate with that time.

Having appendix out: Inner pain or problem needing attention or being attended to.

Useful questions are:

What am I vaguely aware of that might be a grumbling problem needing attention?

Do I have actual discomfort in the area of my appendix – lower right abdomen – if so maybe I should have a check?

What do I need to remove from my attitudes or from my past experience?

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