Here is the image of the process or function in us that plans, that designs in a creative and perhaps considering way. It may be about plans for a better or different living condition, or about business or even a relationship. The architect is also pointing to a process of checking and directing progress.

This might be about how you wish your ‘space’ to be, or how to use the space you have. So it might relate to your mind or attitudes. Or does you dream show you making an architects plan of your inner life or even your future?

As an architect you or your dream character can be the architect of future change.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What am I planning to change or build in my life, and does this dream relate to that?

Does this dream reflect or comment on any of my dreams or goals in any way?

What is the architect in my dream doing, and what can I gather from that if I translate it into everyday life?

Find out more by using Processing Dreams and Talking As.

If I imagine my self as the architect how do I describe myself. For help doing this see Standing in Roles.

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