My exploration of dreams suggest that the external objects of culture such as houses and towns we see around us and take for granted, actually produce in us the release of a massive amount of information and deeply felt experience. Most often however, we fail to appreciate this as it is covered, obscured, by the dominant sensory impressions and taught responses.

In fact any architecture in a dream can be a wonderful entrance into our history and our past. We tend to understand from the shape and quality of the building things we seldom put into words, and yet are very powerful inwardly.

Pregnant women frequently dream about houses, architecture and planning a new extension. That pregnant women’s dreams might hold some special significance was first recognised as long as 4,000 years ago. According to ancient Mesopotamian texts, the Hittites performed cleansing ceremonies on women considered to have been “contaminated” by dreams they had before giving birth. Modern analysis of pregnant women’s dreams has increased since the 1960s, with researchers collecting dream reports from hundreds of women in various stages of pregnancy.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What do you feel when you see buildings or a house in your dream?

Can you put into words what you feel or sense in the architecture?

The questions in The House in Your Dream may help to define what you know unconsciously.

It could also be a help to  use Standing in Role and also Talking As.

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