Arms usually refer to your ability to love, give, take, create, defend, reach out. Our arms, especially the arm we use most, can also represent all the struggle and effort we have put into life, what we have given and taken, what skills we have learned or created in the work and labour of life and love.

Arm or arms reaching toward you: This can mean an extension of love or even aggressiveness. You would know from the feeling the move stimulates.

Example: Tonight it happened again and several memories kept pushing into awareness. One in particular is a memory of you as a baby too young to able to speak. It was when mum and I ran a guest house and we had you in a pram in the front garden. One of the guest, a woman who looked okay came and said she wanted to walk you in the pram down the road. She started to push the pram, suddenly you looked at me without making a sound and stretched your arms toward me. It was a signal that hit me so hard emotionally I ran and took the pram from her. I think she was mortified by my actions. I don’t suppose you have any memory of it but for me it was a powerful enough to  remain imprinted in my memory.

Right arm: If you are right handed this indicates your active outgoing self, your conscious and capable skills such as you express with this hand and arm. It is the part of you obvious to others and yourself, your strength or lack of it. Injury or malformation of this arm indicates inability to be creative and productive in the outer world. It shows problems regarding manifesting or making real, what you wish or will to do.

Left arm: The left arm is those supportive qualities, those strengths and traits that express in daily life underlying and making possible the action of the right arm. In other words they are the loyalties, the care and strength of support, almost unconscious energy we put into what we do with our right hand and arm – our outer activities. The left arm is the qualities that support outer activities and relationships. In a certain way it represent confidence, the absence of which would undermine all the external things we would be trying to accomplish.

Example: Dreamt Pete was in my father’s shop in London. Someone had shot him in the left bicep and I was trying to help him. I had a small box on the counter and there was fluid or blood in it, and I put the hurt muscle in it hoping to heal it. When the gunshot flesh was in the blood the blood bubbled and effervesced, becoming hot. I felt the flesh would not be of any use now, but wasn’t sure. In the end though I was considering cleaning away the injured flesh from the arm. All I could see were the sinews with a small amount of flesh on them – no muscle in between. But I began to feel that gradually new cells might grow and develop into a new muscle – granulate.

The dream was explored, and it was seen that it was the dreamer himself who was injured. His father had never shown interest in him and this had undermined his confidence. It led him to weep with the pain of this. He was in his forties, and felt a complete failure, yet the dream promised new growth which turned out be true.

Injury to: Loss of confidence or ability to reach out or create; loss of or psychological trauma regarding those abilities. Left is the supportive feelings. Right is extroverted activity.

Tied up: Sense of restriction to activities.

Bicep: Strength; sense of being capable.


Idioms: Chance one’s arm; give one’s right arm; arm twisting; keep at arms length; with open arms; one arm tied behind back, babe in arms; strong arm tactics. See: left; right; body; Example under white.


Useful Questions and Hints:

If my arm is injured, what in my life am lacking or I feeling inadequate in?

What am I doing with my arm(s) and how does that link with waking life?

If this is a positive dream, what of myself is it bringing my attention to?

Explore the depths of the meaning by using Talking As.


-Joe 2016-11-19 21:10:07

I dreamt last night that I was in a house with my uncle, a doctor who recently tried to help me through a mistake I made that would cost me a job, and my mother, whom I have been trying to help get past her own insecurities about her life. My mother was drawing blood from my right arm from a small blister, when i looked back at my right arm it was torn open across the forearm leading up to the bicep but the wound was in a healing state, I then grabbed my right arm with my left hand and held it. I made a joke about god which greatly offended my uncle, and I apologized to him and started crying. I then awoke and have been wondering all day the purpose of this dream. Possibly useful info, my uncle went out of his way to help me and I still was unable to keep the job. I also have trouble with opening up to people even though I desperately want to be more outgoing and have been making strides to improve my confidence and talk to people more, I tell myself “one day at a time, we’re going to make strangers feel good and remove our fear of talking to strangers” but I still can’t say much to someone I don’t know that isn’t small talk.

-mike 2016-04-03 4:06:23

I had a dream that I was laying down and a man came up to me with a knife and very slowly stabbed my left arm 3 times, once in the top of my forearm (like right under my hand) , once in my tricep (like right under my shoulder) and once in my armpit. it was very precise the way and place he stabbed me and that’s what scares me and also the fact that the pain was excruciating and very vivid. does this mean anything at all or was I having like a heart attack or something while I was sleeping or was it just a dumb dream? if someone could give me any explanation at all I would really appreciate it. because I don’t know why but something just felt so scary and weird about that dream. thank you.

-Vida 2016-03-10 23:46:44

I had a dream that the bicep of my left arm had been sliced open. I could see the muscles and veins clearly as there wasn’t any blood. Most of the dream was spent with me looking for some sort of thread that would be thin enough for me to stitch it myself but I kept finding white wool. I’ve been wondering about it.

-Diana 2015-12-29 22:05:12

I saw a dream where I was holding a dog in my arms and i was fondling him then the dog( white dog) jumped and i felt a pain in my forearm then i saw some old burning scars all over the forearm and some started to infect forming some light greenish spots and it hurted and i thought to myself that the cat that I was holding infected me (which in the beginning was a dog)!

-Saturn 2013-05-21 13:15:32

Last night I had a dream my I couldn’t feel my right arm. It was heavy and I began to panic. My wife said I was moaning in my dream and I sat up in bed in a panic. What does that mean? I could see it but I could not feel it attached to my body. My wife says stress in my life @ home.

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