This suggests some form of conflict, internal or otherwise. The army might be depicting the forces or qualities you muster to deal with difficulties – i.e. courage, information; aggression or anger. They might be attitudes necessary to face anxieties such as determination or confidence in your core self.

The army is also an organisation and the dream might be about how you are relating to being organised, being told what to do, being under orders, or working within an organisation amongst many others. So it is important to recognise how you feel in the dream. Do you feel trapped, part of something, alone in a crowd, or a meaningful part of something bigger than you?

Sometimes army dreams occur when you are ready to confront the internal traumas and conflicts you carry. The important aspects of such dreams are about what they show of your attitudes or feelings about the army. But it is often necessary to read the entry on war, as the army dream might be mostly about the fighting. See: soldier; war.

Example: I had a series of dreams about being a soldier marching to the front with an army. Then came a day when I dreamt we were in the trenches waiting for the signal to go over the top. It came, I leapt up out of the trench and ran through the flying bullets to meet the foe.

The dreams came at a time when I was getting nearer facing internal traumas I had carried since childhood. After the last dream these broke through into waking life very dramatically, and I relived a tonsil operation experienced as a six year old. Anthony.

There is a great battle we are all part of, the battle to grow into the full beauty of women and men; the battle against the lies we live in; the battle to realise who we are.

This forgetfulness lies upon the world like a blanket of fog, a daytime night. We walk in it and call our darkness light. Believing in what we have as knowledge, we label the gleams of light reaching us, myth, legend, poetry, religion or mere nonsense. Yet the legend and dream persist in man’s awareness through all the changes of his so-called rational beliefs, his science, and his logic. Scientific attitudes constantly change, and with them the logic which depends on them, but fairy stories are as old as time. Or, to be more precise, the living experience in the story remains forever within us, though the outer details change. Thus the underlying essence of the stories of Buddha, Christ, Krishna, Baldur, Mithras, Osiris, and the others, are strangely alike. Echoes of our lost names, perhaps?

Ah yes, “We are shattered, tattered, demented remnants of a once glorious army. Among us are Princes and Captains of Armies, Lords of Battle, amnesic, aphasic, ataxic, jerkily trying to recall what was the battle the sounds of which still ring in our ears: is the battle still raging? If we could make our way back to join the main body of the army. Gropings, orientations, crumbs, fragments, bits of the jigsaw, a few demented ravings that may help the reconstruction of the lost message. I am just beginning to regain my memory, just beginning to realise I am lost, just getting faint sounds of old familiar music – snatches of old tunes, moments of deja-vu, a reawakening of a long-numbed agony – an unendurable realisation of what a debacle it was, what a shambles, what betrayal, horror, stupidity, ignorance, cowardice, craven lust, wretched greed. Faint recall of a raving nostalgia, for the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory, Paradise lost.” (The Bird Of Paradise by R. D. Laing – Quoted from my book Yield.)

Useful Questions and Hints:

What are my feelings about the army, or being in the army?

Is this army fighting for something, if so, what? How does that link with myself?

Am I avoiding or being part of the group?

Here are some ways to meet the conflict you face – Methods of Awakening Life’s Little SecretsFacing Fear.


-Marionna 2017-03-21 23:35:36

I had a dream that I was in the Army and they were doing a test to see if we all would pass I was the only one that passed they through a bunch of gas bombs and everyone put gas masks on for them selves and their was a girl who was dying so I gave her my mask and saved her and they screamed at me saying Private Christein that was amazing you were the only one that passed and then they awarded me and ranked me up to Sergant Christein and I just felt so amazing makes me happy about the Army

-janice 2016-11-08 14:31:43

Thank You

-Leslie C. Rodriguez 2016-08-24 12:37:01

I had an amazing dream..I was in the bathroom at a place I had worked. It was a nursing home when I worked there but it had been used as a fort. It was the former Fort Ethan Allen in Vermont. My three year old daughter walked in on me as she often does in real life…LOL.. She then came up to me while I was sitting on the toilet (which in dreams can mean releasing something or letting go of things that are no longer useful). She looked me directly in my eyes and said “I like this Army!”..Then we hugged each other.. In the dream I had a good feeling… I was smiling at her and saying…”you like this army huh..? The interesting thing is that your website refers to armies as having to do with how we are “organized” or deal with being told what to do.. I recently left another cult.. this time it was a buddhist organization with subtle and at times, not so subtle cult overtones. I was raised in a very strict Christian cult. I have left all of this and found incredible inner courage by returning to Jesus in my heart. I am now wondering if there is ANY Christian church that I will be able to “relate” to.. This is my current dilemna! Incredibly, it all came out in that dream….Incidentally… Ethan Allen was all about Independence and Freedom. I believe I am finding Spiritual Independence in my life at this time…My daughter and I must share a very deep spiritual connection for her to celebrate that fact…

    -Tony Crisp 2016-08-25 8:34:48

    Leslie – An interesting and also life changing if you continue to build freedom into your life.

    You obviously looked up Army in the dictionary, but I think, apart from what you said, this part also applies, because obviously you have met conflicts of interest several times, “This suggests some form of conflict, internal or otherwise. The army might be depicting the forces or qualities you muster to deal with difficulties – i.e. courage, information; aggression or anger. They might be attitudes necessary to face anxieties such as determination or confidence in your core self.”

    As far as finding any Christian Church that would suite you, I tried most of them myself, but I feel that what you are searching for and finding is Life/God alive in you. I know it is tempting to belong, but in the end we are all unique individuals, the cells in the great body of humanity.

    Here are some things that might interest you –


-JohnCarlo 2015-08-11 16:30:39

I have dreams where im happy in the army but it is in the Vietnam War?

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