Arrogant Arrogance

It seems from looking at the dreams where arrogance is mentioned it is usually because we fail to see who we really are and so act in a way to get ourselves in trouble. The following example shows this.

By the way, I ultimately said “no” to antidepressant drugs that were recommended to me. Are these drugs as disastrous as I think they are? It seems to me they are impeding the evolution of our race by keeping tens of millions mentally and emotionally “stuck”. Sure, they reduce the pain, but for most people, an absence of pain decreases the motivation to explore their inner selves and return with some jewels of discovery.

I am quite certain that I released my demons prematurely – before I had sufficiently developed my strengths and skills. This happened because I didn’t listen to my inner self’s messages. In my arrogance, I actually thought I knew better. This led to my depression and opened the gates to my inner demons. So…I am now forced to fight a premature battle. In such a case, is there any room for the argument that antidepressants can act as a crutch to help your mind heal? The argument is that you can later get off the drugs and be better prepared to take your inner journey. The logic makes some sense. But something inside me just doesn’t sit right with this position. Artificially tampering with brain chemistry seems dangerous under any circumstances.

Here is another example of losing sight of ones common humanity, a vital factor in dealing with life.

I was once extremely beautiful. The kind of beauty that we foolishly wish for and our society demands. I was married to a wonderful, wonderful man and we were profoundly happy. So much so that it made others jealous. He was murdered trying to protect me from someone close to us and I was raped and left to mourn him. My beauty had been my curse and the reason he was taken. Actually, it was my arrogance over my beauty that was my transgression. The pain is unimaginable – KNOWING that I caused this. The universe does not see time as we do and holds us accountable from one life to the next.

Useful Questions and Hints:

In what way was the arrogance shown and what its results?

Do I identify with the arrogance shown in the dream or disown it?

Can I place myself in the role and feel it? See Standing in Role.

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