This is not about whether you are athletic in an external sense, but about the dedication, the strength or drive to succeed you can tap into in your everyday, or working life and your personal urge to change. A handicapped person who challenges themselves to positively meet life with a smile and vigour is as much tapping into the athlete power as an Olympic winner. This also connects with people who change the health and state of their body through continued exercise and good living.

The negative side of this is the attitude that leads a person to use their strength of body or purpose to bully, threaten or injure others. It may manifest as a form of showing off how strong, powerful or sexual you are – or at least posing as such. See Archetype of the Athlete.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Does this influence enter my life in a strengthening way or as an urge to dominate or impress others?

If the athlete is acting positively in me, what particular qualities is it bringing to me and how can I enhance or continue to develop them?

It can help understanding if you get into role as the athlete.

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