Atlantis is no longer either a fact or fiction. It has become something greater than both-a hope in the human heart! It has become a symbol, a quest, the lost continent of oneself. It is all the submerged continent of our Eternal Nature, our hidden but imperishable self. We long once more for the Garden of Eden, and mankind’s original spiritual home, where he lived at peace with our self and our surroundings, and at one with both.

In this particular sense, it matters not whether Atlantis exists as a material fact. There are signs of it here and there if we look about. Like the outer signs we see of our own spiritual nature, they are- tantalising signs promising so much more than they actually tell. They point our attention down under the waters, into the deeps of ourself, and leave us wondering how we may get beneath the surface to actually see for ourselves. Not just to guess, to feel sure because of the signs, but to know through direct contact. But your dream may give you clues how to find it.

Another recent prophet, Edgar Cayce, states the same thing -that Atlantis will rise, and the Great Temple of Poseidia will be seen again. To quote a statement he made in deep trance like sleep, “Poseidia will be among the first portions of Atlantis to rise again. Expect it in ’68 and ’69. This was said in 1940. This hasn’t happened in our outer live, but it has certainly happened in our inner world.

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