This may depict a part of yourself that is creative, especially to do with telling the story of your real self, your real inner passions and dreams, your life story.

An author in a dream suggests they are creative, and are a sort of author-ity.

But is the dream author really a creative person or just saying it for effect.

It might suggest ideas you have about writing, about becoming a writer, about the difficulties of doing the work. But it depends what the author is doing and what your relationship with them is.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is it you/the author has written or is writing about, and how does that relate to your waking life?

How would I describe the character of the author or her/his abilities – and does that describe facets of myself?

Is the author ambitious or something – if so what?

What is the action or theme of the dream? See Plot of the Dream.

What is your role in the dream? See Role in Dream.

Am I meeting the things I fear or dislike in my dream? See Fear in Dream.

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