The power of frozen emotions. We can freeze sexuality by anger or jealousy, etc., and the build up of tension might then release in a dangerous way. A possible build up of tension or circumstances that can be or has been triggered into release.

Associations with an avalanche also suggest that there is something which is delicately poised which if triggered can cause a disaster. The image might involve fear of being overwhelmed by the release of emotions that had previously been held at bay – frozen or denied – and have been or might be released. There is also the possibility of anxiety about surviving a major upheaval or change in ones circumstances.

Threat of avalanche: Anxiety about withheld emotions being released or triggered into expression by events.

Dreamt by person who has been involved in an avalanche: Emotions connected with trauma of past event; anxiety about ones survival.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What has built up in my life that is now released or threatening to release?

Have I been ‘freezing’ feelings that I now have to face?

What can I do about dealing with this in a way to avoid danger or damage?

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