The dream and its symbols need to be considered to see what the aversion is referring to. What one tries to avoid may be clearly shown in the dream, such as avoiding sex, social contact, or expressing ones power. If it isn’t, look for clues in the events, people or objects of the dream. Often, what we avoid has some difficult feelings attached to it that if dealt with will remove the aversion. One of the most direct ways of meeting an aversion is to gradually confront what is obnoxious until either the feelings underlying it are exposed and released, or the aversion disappears. See: aversion therapy.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What exactly am I averse to in the dream and how does that relate to my waking life?

Are there things in life or myself I avoid, perhaps editing them out of my thoughts and feelings?

Is there a situation or person I avoid because I have difficult feelings?

Please use Processing Dreams and also Talking As. It might be helpful to read Life Changes.

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