In general it probably indicates the attitudes and qualities evident in the dream character. See: man.

In a woman’s dream it may be a signal that she is looking for a likely man, or it might refer to a bachelor friend.

Elderly bachelor: It may show a fear that you will lose your partner and be left alone. Or else you are still longing to be free to explore other women.

Man’s dream: Oneself if unmarried; desire for freedom, or comparison with present situation if married. Also it might point to the way you were prior to marriage.

Woman’s dream: Possible hope for sexual partner; husband prior to marriage; unmarried male friend; or if the man is married in real life, hopes that he were single.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is this someone I know – if so how would I describe him and how do those characteristics or feelings apply to me?

Is this someone I do not know – if so what type of person is he and how do those characteristics or feelings apply to me?

What is my relationship with this man and what can I gather from that? See: relationship and dreams; Stand in Role.


-Jemima Castillo 2013-05-26 15:08:47

In my dream a baby was born to a lady who didn’t want him … The lady that helped her give birth (in a common house ) ended up killing her on purpose
The baby was burn with 2 penis and 2 vaginas
I remember him clearlyhe was such a sweet baby… Along with the feeling of being trapped and unhelped

    -Tony Crisp 2013-05-29 7:39:05

    Jemima – Very often such dreams are about feelings you had as a baby. They are dramatic ways of saying how you felt – trapped and not helped.

    The two vagina’s and penises are also a feeling we have a very young babies that we have both sexes – which if course we do in small ways. Perhaps if you use – it might help.


-gemma susan kelly-smith 2012-03-21 13:49:06

I had a dream that i was in labour and that i gave birth to a baby girl and had her in my arms and called her leah when in reality im not even pregnant . please right back i want to know what this means

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