It can mean an attitude of looking down on people, maybe superiority but it could also be about not wanting to get involved or express who one really is.

A balcony in a theatre is also a special place for important people, and also a dangerous place for young children. Veranda can be an outdoor place for entertainment or socialising, so can suggest an ability to express yourself and be sociable.

A balcony can be a place of observation that puts you apart from others – at a remove. You can feel out of reach to those below you. It might be that you do  not want to get involved. There can be feelings of  underhanded superiority and manipulative through servility.

There in some dreams are fears of falling, or of babies going over the edge. The baby is your true feelings and urges. It is sometimes suggesting suicide. See Suicide

A balcony can also be a launch to fly from, a very thrilling thing, suggesting an ability to express your positive feelings. It can also be a high place from which you can observe much more, or even fight a battle from. Also a balcony is in a higher place – as in a theatre – can is often associated with uplift and wonder,

 Example: I seemed to know that a group of men were worshiping in this church. They were on the balcony. They were young, happy, and communicative. As I looked at the church I knew they were worshipping by chanting. Being in the church and near these God loving men I became filled with the spirit. It was like an intense emotion and power flowing through me, and it led me to sing and pray and speak.

Example: When I was in the house I started looking for my 22 air rifle. I felt that with the rifle I could threaten the woman and equalize the situation with woman who was shooting at me. A walked out onto a balcony. From there I could look down upon the situation but instead of equalizing what happened was that we all begun to shoot at each other. Everybody seems to have guns at this point. We were dodging each other’s bullets.

But instead I look into the feeling of the dream and saw it was impossible for me to get hurt or shot. What ever happens in the imagery can never be any damage to one in a dream. This realisation transformed the situation – at least, it stopped the conflict.

Then suddenly, at one point, the older woman who had been shooting at me suddenly became very real in my feelings and very spontaneous. She arrived at the awareness that neither of us were losers. But it seemed to be that by cutting through the dream with the sense of awareness, it had changed the possibilities of it. It was no longer a contest that might result in a winner or loser. In this new situation neither of us would need to let go of our principles or direction. This was a very important point and I could feel it. Neither of us lost out.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What was my relationship with the balcony?

What feelings or thoughts did I experience in connection with it?

What actions took place on it or in connection with it?

Try Acting on your dream to find more about it.

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